DNB Dojo Mix Series 41: Fakemachine


Our latest mix comes courtesy of Russia’s Fakemachine who serves up a label showcase mix for his Harder & Louder imprint. True to the label’s aesthetic the mix brings together all the shades of hard D&B with neurofunk rollers and crossbreed mashups a plenty; this one is not for the faint of heart! For more from Harder & Louder hit up their website, Soundcloud or Facebook.

As usual you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to YoutubeMixcloud, Hearthis.at or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Perimetre – Aberration (Harder & Louder)
Throttler – The Buzzer (Harder & Louder)
Effect – Lies Everywhere (Harder & Louder)
Dramcore – Witch Hunt (Harder & Louder)
Triple Sickz – Stomper (Brainpain remix) (Harder & Louder)
BSA – Hide & Seek
eDUB vs Tron – This is Sparta vs Walking to the Stars (Mashup)
Svetec – Check The Drums
Dyslexia – Spectrotone
Freqax & Neks – Missing Person
BSA – He is Real (Harder & Louder)
Perimetre – Utopia (Harder & Louder)
Suicide – Citizen X (Harder & Louder)
Effect – The Weakness (Harder & Louder)
Lucio De Rimanez – Hlom
Big-Head – Antique (Harder & Louder)
Suicide – Sclerosis (Harder & Louder)
Kryzys – You’re not Alone Against Crossbreed
Triple Sickz – Stomper (Gorebug remix) (Harder & Louder)
Coroner – Soul Catcher (Harder & Louder)
DJ Hidden – Raw Universe
Dyslexia & MJ Free – Collector
Dramcore – John Connor (Harder & Louder)
Boris S. – Seven Days (Sepromatiq remix)
Throttler – Cassini Ovum (Harder & Louder)

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