Top 5: Sinistarr

With some great new releases dropping recently for Exit, None60 and Ivy Lab’s 20/20 LDN imprint, Detroit stalwart Sinistarr has been making some big moves in 2016. We caught up with him and asked him for his current Top 5; read on for some eclectic 170 selections.

Balatron – DYE Pop

This is one of the first tunes I got from Bjarki aka Balatron, hailing from Iceland – the guys at Hausar in Reykjavik put me on to him, and I was instantly hooked. Fire production and his arrangements are really fun to listen to, and they’ve set every party off when I play it.

Machinedrum feat. Dawn – Do it 4 U

I got this tune just as my summer gigs were winding down, and I honestly think it capped the entire journey quite well. I’ve been a listener and supporter of Machinedrum’s music for quite some time now, and tunes like this keep that cycle going.

dBridge – Too Late (Steve Spacek Remix)

I love the Blackpocket project that Steve and Dbridge put out about 10 years ago, so to get a new tune from the both of them 10 years later is a special treat. That double-swung snare that comes in is a proper head-nodder.

Heist – In Pursuit

Heist is such a boss on the production tip (haven’t seen him DJ yet!!) – this EP is really dope, and In Pursuit is that classic/new school Metalheadz sound he helped shape that drew me to his productions. It’s too dope.

Rihanna – Work (Kabuki’s Footwork Jungle Re-Fix)

This is the best – and only – bootleg of this tune that I’ve ever heard… I already liked the original, and Kabuki flambé’d the entire track… this reminds me of the special radio-only remixes that I would hear on mixshows in Detroit, that type of tune that makes you keep tuning in every weekend to record it to tape. Sooooo fireeee.

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