DNB Dojo Mix Series 46: John Rolodex

The legendary John Rolodex steps up to the decks for the latest episode of the DNB Dojo Mix Series! Boss of the impressive Machinist Music imprint and a talented producer to boot, John’s productions have seen release on Dread Recordings, Tech Itch Recordings, Metalheadz, Hospital and more.

John has come correct with an hour of rolling techstep punctuated by a few more experimental switchups, and the vibes are strong all the way through. Look out for tons of dubs from the man himself alongside beats from Owneath, Kolectiv, Goldie and HLZ. Serious business from a serious selector; check it!

You can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Kolectiv – Sleeper Cell
Goldie – I’ll Be There For You
John Rolodex – Inna Zone [Machinist Music Dub]
John Rolodex – Pixel Demon [Broken Audio Dub]
John Rolodex – Vanquish [Dub]
Nu4m & Kije – Close Your Eyes
Owneath – Bad Rythm [Dub]
Owneath – Macros  [Dub]
John Rolodex – Doctrine [Machinist Music]
Goreteks & Martian Man – Burntrare
Homemade Weapons & Dioptrics – Patient Zero [Dub]
John Rolodex – Warship Worship [Machinist Music]
Owneath – Coherance [Dub]
John Rolodex – Dreamcypher [Machinist Music Dub]
Alia Fresco – Let You Go
John Rolodex – The Void is a Mirror [Machinist Music Dub]
Owneath – Shark Tale [Broken Audio Dub]
Cartridge – Pyramid of Fear [Lost Dub]
John Rolodex – Abduction Scene [Machinist Music]
John Rolodex – Connector (Trex rmx) [Machinist Music]
John Rolodex – Between Two Worlds VIP [Machinist Music Dub]
HLZ – Nightcrawler
John Rolodex & Dioptrics – Dust [Machinist Music Dub]
John Rolodex – Where R U [Machinist Music]
Sureshock – Fisticuff [Machinist Music]
John Rolodex & Cartridge – Hard Rain (2017 Remaster) [Machinist Music Forthcoming]
John Rolodex – Oil Drum [Broken Audio Dub]
Goldie – Chico (Death of a Rockstar)

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