Top 5: Dexta

To celebrate the impending release of another tidy single for Silent Dust’s None60 imprint, we asked Diffrent bossman Dexta to give us the 4-1-1 on his current record box. In his own words, five essential beats…

Crypticz – Spirit On (For Z)

Brilliant producer, has come a long way in production, his new EP is brilliant, this track here is a great example of what to expect from this young UK talent!

Sam Binga & Warrior Queen – Wasted Days (Sully Remix)

This one’s pure silly, brilliant drum work from man like Sully! This has been in the bag a while, and I can’t see it leaving anytime soon!

Opus – Pistol Signal

No words to describe this sound, but it’s been following me for a while it seems! Fresh forward thinking music, wicked groove, and pretty original if you ask me!

Host – Flying Saucer

Brilliant take on the halftime/hip-hop kinda sound that’s become pretty popular in the lats few years, this guy is one to watch I tell thee!

Mathew Jonson – Decompression (dB’s Raw Edit)

Pure gully, this is dBridge at his rawest core, grimy beats and ripping baselines throughout. Love this remix/edit, will be in my bag for quite a bit!

Dexta’s new single for None60 is out now via their Bandcamp store; check out the clips below and grab some of that Goomba Riddim fire!

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