As part of the crop of talented young producers pushing a superbly wonky take on the D&B sound, HØST has been impressing us for some time with his releases for the likes of Vandal LTD and Sweetbox. With a new release dropping on Terabyte this month, we grabbed the man for a quick chat about production gear, collabs and run in with the police. Check it out…

DNB Dojo: This is your first EP on Terabyte Records, who have had a splurge of 20/20-style beats releases over the last year. How did you first come into contact with the label?

HØST: When I first started producing I was making a lot of dark/stepper-esque drum and bass. I discovered the Terabyte crew and instantly loved the sound they where pushing. I began speaking with Auz a couple of years ago now and had one of my first releases Earthworks on their Hardwired compilation EP – it’s a label I’ve always really kept it locked with and love the sound they push so have always kept in touch.

DD: Your music often features frankly nutty vocal samples. What’s your approach to discovering samples?

H: I have a varied way – I listen to a lot of hip hop/trap/grime and love the use of swift verses and hooks. In my early days of producing I downloaded extensive movie vocal phrases and cuts and have built quite a repertoire from this. I really enjoy tweaking and cutting these to make new interesting variations from the original sample to add new dimensions to it.

DD: One track on the EP is entitled F.T.F. You recently came out stating it stands for ‘Fuck The Feds’…any run-ins with the law you want to tell us about?

H: Haha maybe not best to say but fuck em.

DD: Hah! Ok, lets steer clear of that then…as we’ve said, this is a left-field sounding release. Do you enjoy writing the more ‘linear’ (for want of a better term) D&B tunes, or should we expect more in this area?

H: I love writing everything if I’m honest. Right now, I love the ‘left-field’ style; I recently brought new devices and a synth which really allow me to jam a lot more in my production which lends itself to that style. Nevertheless, I do still write linear tunes and I have a wide range of new material ready to unleash soon.

DD: Often readers are fascinated by the production process as much as anything else. For any budding producers out there, do you have any go-to techniques/plugins/hardware that you use time and time again?

H: I’ve always produced on Propellerheads Reason. When I first got it it had large limitations, but the recent updates – for me – make it run like a well oiled machine. I have now been able to run VSTs with it and felt a new extension to what I can do. My most frequented device is my new MicroKorg – I absolute love the ‘live’ kind of sound you can achieve with it. I think personally the best advice I can give for a new producer is always look to expand what you can do and achieve from a sound without overloading your self with device after device. Find what works and expands on that.

DD: Most will know you for your production, but how do you feel about DJing? What’s your setup? Do you even like that part of the game?

H: I’ve mixed for a long time and got into a bit after I started producing, but right now I don’t have a setup; I recently sold my Pioneers and am looking to save to buy some new ones. I enjoy DJing especially of late. Being able to play more and more of my own stuff out, it’s a great feeling to get a response from a crowd and I do love that part of the game.

DD: If you could pick any artist to collab with right now, who would it be and why?

H: That’s a really hard question! I respect and love so many artists in the game right now – so many people really pushing boundaries. However if I had to narrow it down I would love to collab with Moody Good or Tsurada…I love these two artists. 16bit were one of the first sets I ever listened to, and inspired me from such a young age. I’ve always kept it locked with them – I know they’ve separated but I fuck with this Moody Good stuff so much. I had to put Tsurada as well – I can’t get enough of this guy’s music. His new release on Division I had on repeat when I first heard it, I respect the way he puts together his music and it really inspires me. Bit of a fan boy for both of them not going to lie haha!

DD: What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

H: I’ve got a few more releases lined up with some crews but all TBA right now. I have a back log of new work too which is ready to unleash the second I get Internet again! Keep it locked!

HØST’s Boscombe Bounce EP is out now on Terabyte Records; hit their store or your favourite digital outlet to grab a copy now.

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