Top 5: Kusp

Portsmouth producer Kusp is someone we’ve had an eye on for a while. Through a slow trickle of releases for Authentic, Context and now Lynx’s Detail Recordings imprint, he’s slowly been carving a rep as a versatile producer capable of slinging traditional 2-step rollers and bassy halftime growlers alike. As he gears up for his debut album on Detail, we asked Kusp to give us the rundown of his top 5 halftime cuts. Check it out…

Alix Perez – Fuck Outta Here

Any top 5 halftime list should include some Alix Perez really, and this is my favourite of his halftime cuts to date. I love the way the drums and the bass riff swing so well together and give each other just enough room to breathe, so it really smacks you hard when it wants to. That combined with the incredible sound design and production makes this tune truly top notch.

Ivy Lab – Shamrock

One of the finest examples of wonk from another name that can’t be missed out. That second bass completely throws you off but still manages to work perfectly, and the switch ups keep you hooked until the end. The vocal samples, with the Quasimoto-like contrasts in the pitch, really make the tune ooze with character. And to top it all off, the slightly saturated sounding mix/master is done brilliantly and makes the whole thing absolutely bang.

Blackpocket – Ur A Star (dBridge Remix)

This is an awesome remix from dBridge. I love how the tune rides along to that super simple beat on the hard-edged bass with those lusciously soft vocals swooping in and out, providing a complete contrast to the bass and lead synth. The melodies are powerful, everything in the track is purposeful and there’s absolutely nothing there that doesn’t need to be. This one is incredibly classy.

Sam Binga – AYO (ft Redders)

An absolute classic from Sam Binga and Redders. Redders has so much charisma on everything he touches. His vocals in combination with the beat, which has just as much character as the vocals what with the quirky synths and the flavours of trap and jungle within the percussion, make this one really stand out for me.

Fixate – Rumours

Fixate is one of my favourite producers at the moment, his last EP, What Goes Around, was superb and it was hard choosing between this or The Rig Monkey for the list. This tune has rude grimy basses slung over halftime jungle breaks with old ragga MC samples. It’s an awesome recipe, brilliantly executed – can’t go wrong with this one.

The first single from Kusp’s forthcoming album drops on Detail on Jun 18th. Check out monstrous halftime flip Shadowed below.

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