Top 5: Pablo Dread

Spanish artist Pablo Dread joins the ranks of Beat Machine early next month with an EP packed full of raved up, jungle influenced beats, blending future sounds with retro heritage to great effect. To celebrate we asked him for a quick Top 5 of tunes he’s feeling right now; check it out…

Itoa – Ever Orbit [Exit Records]

The fun is assured, a footwork carnival with pumping and round sounds. I love how he works the samples and the cleanliness of his blunt style.

Fracture – Soundboy Get Nervous [Exit Records]

Fracture is a master! In this track he uses the half tempo beat to create room for an impressive bass and the vocal on loop, so that your neck can’t stop moving. He makes it look simple, behind it hides a fantastic groove of amen breaks.

Breaka – Damn Hot [Beat Machine]

A great discovery thanks to the Swinging Flavors releases from Beat Machine Records. Really cool sound, Breaka knows how to work on a track to bring the heat to the dance floor.

Moresounds – Shut Up [Astrophonica]

I could have chosen any track from Moresounds. He is one of the producers that currently inspires me the most. I think it is the best example to show how jungle and dub has become once again a futuristic sound.

Proc Fiskal – A Fragrance [Cosmic Bridge]

A cruelly percussive beat for this reggae classic. This crunchy Dub brings all the vibes from the Caribbean to the sound system addicts.

Pablo Dread – Burnin drops Feb 7th at all the usual stores. Check out the first track preview below and keep your eyes peeled for more…

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