November LP Roundup

Apparently top quality Drum & Bass albums are likes buses…you wait a while for one, then four come along all at once! November has seen the release of some absolutely essential artist LPs, so we though it only right to give you a quick roundup…read on for our thoughts on the new records from Philth, Misanthrop, Kimyan Law and Klute.

Philth – Moments In Time Part 1 [Dispatch]

In the works for some time now and highly anticipated, Philth delivers an album that encompasses the variety of his productions to this date; unashamedly Drum & Bass, but covering a multitude of styles and moods, and paying homage to some classic influences to boot. Ella Sopp, Sense MC and Becca Jane Grey provide vocals for some of the albums softer cuts, while Wreckless and HLZ come on board for two of the heavier dancefloor hitters. Bodyclock is also worth calling out as an outstanding nod to the vintage 90s neurofunk bassline sound pioneered by the likes of Ed Rush & Optical. Overall this is an outstanding achievement for a producer with huge passion for the genre and tons of attention to detail. Hit up the Dispatch Store to grab it direct now!

Kimyan Law – Yonda [Blu Mar Ten]

The sublime creative protege Kimyan Law returns to Blu Mar Ten Music with his third LP, and as with both previous collections it’s an absolutely unique take on the genre, pushing it in unusual directions and blending in a plethora of musical influences. This is a compelling piece of music that does its best to defy worthy description; all we can really say is that you should sit down in your living room and listen to it start to finish – you won’t be disappointed. Yonda is out now on vinyl, CD and digital at the BMT Store.

Misanthrop – Analog [Neosignal]

Of the albums in this list, this one definitely took us the most by surprise, while elements of the prior Misanthrop sound are certainly present, the overall aesthetic is very different to previous work, and notably different to his last LP, 2016’s Misanthrop. Gone are the abrasive, balls-out neuro tearers, replaced with epic synth jams set to futuristic drum lines. If Vangelis and Kraftwerk united to write a D&B album, this would be the result, and it couldn’t be better. Grab it here.

Klute – Whatever It Takes [Commercial Suicide]

Klute’s albums are always a dependable feast, and his ninth LP continues that trend admirably. Delivering eight slabs of deep, emotive, rolling D&B occupying an array of sonic palettes, Whatever It Takes then delves into Tom’s lower tempo passions with a fistful of house, techno and electro compositions. Varied delights indeed! If you want a deep dive on the album head over to this excellent piece on God Is No Longer a DJ. Hit up the label Bandcamp to buy direct now.

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