Classic Track: Hidden Agenda – History Remastered Part 1

Dispatch start their celebration of 20 years in the game this month with a selection of remasters from the earliest releases on the label, provided by brothers Jason aka Nos (original label founder) & Mark Goodings aka Max Fresh of Hidden Agenda.

This package provides a superb time capsule, teleporting us back to the deeper end of the D&B sound in the early 2000s; a huge contrast to the current Dispatch sound. Where today’s productions tend to be defined by dark bassline science and precision impact drums, these tracks were built around funk breaks and much subtler sub grooves, and that sound still has a freshness to it today.

Highlights include the bouncy vibes of Shut Down, the spacey funk of 9.30 and bright synth stabs of Chase Sequence, but doubtless everyone will find their own favourites in a diverse selection. Check it out below and hit up the Dispatch Bandcamp to grab a copy now!

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