DNB Dojo Takes a Break…

I bring you some bittersweet news today…it’s time for DNB Dojo to take a break. In the nine years since the site began it has been my absolute pleasure to help showcase the best sounds in the D&B scene, from big hitters on established labels to unknown artists putting out their first release. After nearly a decade helping to promote other peoples’ music, it feels like time to step back and appreciate the scene as a DJ and a listener, and to have more time to focus on my own productions.

The site will remain online, as will all the content on Soundcloud, Youtube, etc., but for the moment there won’t be any new reviews, premieres or guest mixes, and the monthly podcast will end as announced in episode #60. After a little rest I’ve got plans for a new mix series under my artist name so watch out for that coming early 2022.

I’ll still be keeping an eye on the inbox and listening to everything that gets sent over so please keep sending beats to info@dnbdojo.co.uk – the new mix series will be the place I support releases going forward.

This isn’t the end; DNB Dojo might return in the future. For the time being it’s going into hibernation. Huge shouts to everyone who has sent music to the blog and provided interviews, premieres, guest mixes, and all the other great content we’ve been able to run. Huge shouts also to everyone reading and listening, and to everyone who’s taken the time to send positive messages about the site – you all rock.

If you want to keep an eye on my new releases and the forthcoming mix series, hit up the links below. Take care folks…

Facebook → facebook.com/DJHexDnB
Instagram → instagram.com/djhexdnb
Soundcloud → soundcloud.com/dj-hex
Twitter → twitter.com/DJHexDnB

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