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Those with a taste for cheery Dubwize D&B (or who know the owners from their other work in the Breaks world) may still have overlooked Jungle Cakes. The label has a pretty low profile, existing as an outlet for Deekline and Ed Solo‘s explorations into bouncy, jungle influenced tunes, but they’ve racked up a tidy selection of 12″s over the last few years and anyone who has seen Parker or Serial Killaz throw down will likely have heard at least a few of the tunes.


Early releases like 2009’s No No No (You Don’t Love Me) and Ragga Tip (Walk and Skank) shamelessly mined well known reggae vocals to great effect, layering dub and reggae style guitar and piano melody with up front rolling breakbeats and warm, simple basslines to produce grooves that are simply too infectious to argue with! This tradition continued well into 2011 with the likes of Sensi ripping up the dancefloors at D&B and reggae nights alike.


More recently the label has started fielding releases from a wider range of artists both well known and obscure, with lower tempo jungle breaks from The Freestylers on Entertainer, slightly tougher amen rollers from JFB with Tequila Sunrise and Five On It and soulful dubwize rollers from Cain & Wakcutt with Night Nurse.


So if you yearn for the days of ragga jungle or just love an infectious groove and some reggae influenced beats, check out the Jungle Cakes back catalogue!


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