Calibre – Fabriclive 68 [Fabric]

calibre 22.1.13_057a

Calibre has always been a quiet, enigmatic legend; he doesn’t play out regularly, nor does he often deal with the press, and he’s never bothered to maintain much of an online presence, preferring to let his tunes speak for themselves. Good for him then that they speak volumes, in a soothing, soulful tone of voice. Already held in immense esteem by most of the drum & bass community, his induction into the Fabriclive hall of fame merely cements the position he’s been occupying for well over a decade.

Those familiar with Calibre’s output will find few surprises but plenty to love on his mix for Fabric. Comprised mostly of his own tunes or remixes, the rest of the material comes from the likes of Lynx, dBridge and Marcus Intalex. The mix is an effortless journey through deep, soulful, melancholy drum & bass, and the selection is complemented by absolutely pitch perfect mixing from one tune to the next.


Fans of the deeper side of the genre shouldn’t hesitate to grab a copy of this when it hits the shelves on March 18th. I know I’ll be coming back to this one time and time again!

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Mould & Fabric

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