Premiere: Deep Field – Skylark (feat. Torsten Jensen)

Uplifting piano roller vibes on today’s exclusive as Deep Field & Torsten Jensen land on Audio Entropy with Skylark! Such a delicate, joyous tune…look out for this at digital stores from Apr 23rd.

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Premiere: Enok, Mathis & Sonny G – Noir

Regular collaborators Enok, Mathis and Sonny G join forces once again for today’s premiere. Blending life instrumentation, jazz influences and a retro aesthetic, this is definitely a bit different, and all the better for it. Imagine a smoke-filled speakeasy crossed with a 90s liquid funk club night and you’ll get a picture of the sound they’re conjuring…or better yet just take a listen! The Noir EP drops April 2nd at digital stores.

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Premiere: K2T – The Tranquillity of Being With The Self (Colossus VIP Remix)

Colossus lands in our premiere spotlight today with a slick VIP remix of K2T’s The Tranquillity of Being With The Self. Retaining the heroic melodies of the original but playing with the rhythm via halftime segments and amen workouts, this is a wicked spin that retains the vibe but adds a little extra spice. Watch out for the release coming March 12th at digital stores!

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Premiere: Channell & 2b.Frank – Imagination Runnin’

Manchester in the hotseat today as Channell teams up with 2b.Frank on a new cut for Inform Records! Crispy breaks, silky vocals and soft piano drive this one forward…smooth vibes. The single drops Feb 19th at digital stores!

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Premiere: Mystic State & Captivate – Departure

Mystic State join forces with Vancouver producer Captivate for a new single on The Chikara Project, and we’ve got the premiere of B-Side Departure for you today! Halftime beats, skittering percussion fills and a healthy dollop of atmosphere…yes please! Food for the soul…look out for this coming Feb 5th at digital stores.

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Premiere: Zero T – Radical Step

The mighty Zero T lands on CIA this month for the first of the label’s 25th anniversary celebrations, and we’re hyped to bring you the premiere of Radicall Step! Keeping things crisp and understated, this is a deep, jazzy stepper with just enough sizzle…one to keep the dancefloor simmering. Watch out for the EP coming Jan 29th at all good stores!

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Alix Perez – Without End EP [1985 Music]

There are few drum and bass artists that are truly accepted across a multitude of styles and sub-genres. Calibre is almost certainly the apex of these select few. Another several blog posts could be written arguing about the other alumni of this club, but in this piece, I wish to suggest that Alix Perez is as good a bet as any another. His latest 8-track, Without End, is testament to this. The build-up and indeed acclaim to date feels very much as it did when his seminal 1984 album was released over a decade ago.

Whilst a shorter body of work than 1984 and his 2013 follow-up album Chroma ChordsWithout End feels punchier for it; quality over quantity. Unlike his work above, Alix focuses purely on the 170 range, yet still encapsulates a variety of moods and vibes.

Sombre and melancholic tracks like the opener Wondering at Loss, Someone Else and the single Lost & Proud featuring the exceptionally talented Liam Bailey on vocals, are woven perfectly alongside more upbeat tracks like Moving On – again with Liam Bailey – and even the more style-agnostic Perfect Stranger with Halogenix. Distant Figures proves another highlight, featuring long-time friend and collaborator Workforce.

Despite these variations, Without End still feels like a holistic body of work, laced with the signature touches that make Alix Perez so universally adored. The deep sine wave basslines, the carefully measured and considered vocals – both sampled and recorded – and his elegant keys and chords, are clear and in abundance.

If 1984 was Alix Perez’ extraordinary freshman folio, and Chroma Chords his sophomore sound after several years of learning and devotion to his craft, Without End represents a most hard-earned (and quite long overdue) graduation ceremony into the genre’s hall of fame – if you still needed to be convinced, that is.

Written by James Austin

Premiere: Inflamers – Explain

Polish duo Inflamers land on DLT9 for today’s premiere. Rugged bassline work paired with softer vocals touches make for a classy roller; tech with soul. Watch out for the 2nd drop switchup, sick work. Look for this one coming Sept 25th at Beatport!

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Premiere: OHARE – No Time

Prepare yourself for a deep groove on today’s exclusive as Edinburgh producer OHARE lands on Off-License Records! No Time is powered along by crispy drums, hypnotic leads and a sultry vocal hook – very slick! Watch out for the EP coming August 18th…

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Premiere: MYKOOL – Blackwater

Liquid with an edge on today’s premiere from up and coming London producer MYKOOL! Blending soulful elements with sharp breaks and growling bass, this is deep yet rugged…delicious. Watch out for the release coming July 17th at digital stores.

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