Premiere: St.Iff – Seven Circles

St.Iff lands on Voyage Music with a wicked new single this month, and we’re hyped to bring you the premiere of Seven Circles! Blending hefty techstep bass growls with an unusual arrangement and some deft melodic touches, this feels like a throwback to the mid 2000s neurofunk of artists like Decimal, in the best possible way. Check it out, and look for the single coming Jan 15th at digital stores!

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Premiere: Livid Cheese – Do The Push Buttons

Livid Cheese is back in the Dojo spotlight for our last premiere of 2020, with a wicked new track combining melody and bassline heft. Entrancing trills and funky licks collide with neuro bass and hard-hitting drums for a tightrope walk between liquid roller and tech heater…look out for this coming on WEST16 Jan 14th!

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Redpine & Solo – Citizen EP [Studio Rockers]

New material from Redpine & Solo is always a welcome sight in the Dojo inbox, and their latest work for Studio Rockers sees them on top form with a varied selection of styles and tempos.

Ranging from deep moody D&B on Citizen, through jazzy 160 explorations on the beautiful Re-Mind, into the industrial jungle darkness of Zoom Out (we’re guessing the guys aren’t big fans of video chat) and finishing with the serene ambient jam Nowhere, Sam and John are flexing their musical muscles to great effect here, and proving that D&B and Jungle are the framework within which many different musical ideas can be explored.

Citizen is out now via Studio Rockers – hit up Bandcamp to grab a copy.

DNB Dojo Podcast #50 – Dec 2020

We’ve got a bumper podcast selection for you just in time for Christmas! Hex returns to the Dojo decks with nearly two hours of fresh releases on the final Dojocast of 2020. Beats inside from Quadrant & Iris, Andy Scopes & Madcap, Grey Code, Artsea, Xenon, Koan Sound and many more…enjoy!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: Sun People – Like You Do

Today’s premiere comes from Sun People who brings us a storming new cut from their brand new EP on Leipzig experimental imprint Defrostatica. Driving 4×4 kicks and an array of skittering percussion power the tune along with dark bass vibrations and floaty high end all adding to the sense of high energy hypnosis. Wicked vibe! Look for this one coming Dec 18th on vinyl and digital…

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Premiere: Johnathan Thomas & LeCoughSki – Daydreams

Johnathan Thomas teams up with LeCoughSki for a new cut on Inform Records sub-label Reform Music on today’s exclusive! Dubby textures, subtle melodic trills and a faintly tropical vibe characterise a top-notch tune. Look for this one coming Dec 23rd at Beatport, with all other stores following Jan 6th.

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Premiere: BTK – Guidance

BTK has largely been on a significant holiday over in the techno scene for the last few years, so it’s great to see him back on Dispatch and packing a full length LP to boot! We’ve got an exclusive from said LP today in the form of Guidance – deep, dark, rolling techy goodness as only Vini delivers. Check it out and hit up the Dispatch store to grab the album right now!

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Premiere: Trex – Dreamy Dayz (feat. Ella Jones)

Trex drops his debut album via Mac 2 Recordings tomorrow, and we’re hyped to bring you an exclusive from the record! Featuring Ella Jones on vocals, Dreamy Dayz is a bubbly roller with enough heft to keep a floor moving while still retaining that soulful vibe. Summer rollers for winter days! You can grab this on the album sampler right now; the full LP drops Dec 4th.

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Guest Mix: Henry

Liquid fans should definitely recognise the name on this guest mix! Emerging as one of the brightest talents in rolling, melody-focused production, Henry’s work has seen release on Celsius, Fokuz, Bay 6, Default and Glitch Audio over the last few years. His mix delivers exactly what you’d expect; deep, emotional D&B selections featuring the likes of Leniz, Askel, Echo Motion and Alix Perez. Beautiful stuff!

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: Kublai – In Tandem

Deliciously deep liquid goodness on today’s exclusive, as Goldfat welcome Kublai to their fold! Delicate piano and strings and a classy rolling break give life to an emotive composition…beautiful work. This one drops Nov 27th at all the usual outlets.

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