Forbidden Society & Donny / Audio – Creator & Destroyer / Burn It Down [Forbidden Society]

ForbiddenSocI’m quite partial to a bit of the hard, nasty stuff from time to time and few do it better than Czech producer Forbidden Society. When it comes to face-smashing, metal-influenced, gabba-tinged belters, he’s definitely your man. For this particular release, he’s teamed up with Barcode head-honcho Donny, the other master of pots-and-pans darkstep wrongcore, so no surprise then that this release is a little special!

The build up on Creator and Destroyer features some nice sampling of one of Bane’s speeches from The Dark Knight Rises and some dirty reese action before dropping into a totally stomping beat with some classic Donny metallic snares on the go. As if this wasn’t enough, the flipside comes from none other than Audio, who provides a fantastic scuzzy roller reminiscent of his early work on Dylan’s TechFreak imprint. Just to round things off nicely Forbidden Society provides The Punch as a digital only bonus track.

Check out the previews below and watch out for release date info soon!

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