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We’ve covered some of the excellent material from IM:Ltd here on DnB Dojo before, and given the two excellent releases they have lined up for March and April, now seemed like a great time to do a little retrospective on the label. Started up in 2009, the French label has been busy putting out a slew of excellent digital releases from a variety of up and coming acts, and has found time to craft a few limited 12″ releases too. The quality and style of the labels output has always leaned towards the deeper, moodier side of Drum & Bass, often eschewing the dancefloor in favour of creating atmospheres better suited to the 6am after party. Favourable comparisons can be drawn to the likes of Data’s output for Horizons, such as Mortem’s excellent Stratos 12″ released back in 2011.

But don’t mistake the imprint for a one trick pony. Not everything you’ll find on show here is merely for the chin-stroking heads; while avoiding out-and-out tearers, the label has definitely put out it’s fair share of insistent steppers such as their releases from Future Signal and Paiton.

All of which brings us up to the here and now, and the impending release of the Aftermath LP. Showcasing a mixture of leftfield Drum & Bass and more downtempo, Autonomic-esque vibes, the 10 track release packs some serious atmosphere. Highlights come from Es.tereo and Marilyn with the sublime Winteria, Calculon who delivers a brilliant clap-and-shuffle floater with Hold Back, and Physical Illusions’ We Feeling What We Doing which features a seriously smooth, laid back flow from MC KryptoMedic.

As though that isn’t enough, IM:Ltd just delivered us some grittier numbers on the aptly titled Hunted EP which dropped earlier this week. The EP heads for decidedly heavier territory than some of the labels previous releases, with some seriously dark bass on show, particularly on Disept’s Course and Kuantum’s rather excellent Lost & Found.

So get over to your favourite digital outlet and check out the tidy back catalogue!

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