Venetian Snares – printf(“shiver in eternal darkness​/​n”); [Isolate]

Breakcore legend Venetian Snares has been digging in the archives and has come up with the long out of print printf<“shiver in eternal darkness​/​n”>; LP, which is now available via his bandcamp page. The LP is packed full of the unmistakeable Venetian Snares cutup sound, but bears a distinctly more jungle-influenced vibe than some of his other more raved up material such as Pink + Green or Chocolate Wheelchair. Dark, industrial sounds, heavy bass, chopped up breaks and hard static are present throughout.

The re-release also features some bonus tracks that never made it out originally, and you can grab the whole thing for a measily $8 straight from bandcamp. Check it out and grab yourself a copy below!

[bandcamp album=3501341306 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande2]

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