Calibre – Spill [Signature]

The almost annual event that is a new album from the legendary Calibre is always a treat, and his 9th full length release keeps the quality high without falling into overly formulaic territory. Tracks like Think On, Key Flix and Simple Things provide the rolling, understated liquid we’ve come to know and love from the music man, while Cully Bridge explores slightly funkier territory with some interestingly treated vocal samples and Running adds a wee hint of samba with a great little guitar lick.

Elsewhere Sick Of It All explores moody, ethereal half-step, Keep Control superbly blends orchestral flourish with a tough, stepping beat and Wilderness sees an effortlessly soulful collaboration with vocalist Steo. Perhaps the most stand-out track on the album however comes in the form of Start Again, which sees Calibre teaming up with MC Chimpo to deliver a gritty, half stepping number that oozes atmosphere. Dark, oscillating bass, tight hats and deep, Mancunian tones; yes please!

Unfortunately only two previews of the album are up online so to hear the rest you’ll just have to buy yourself a copy from Surus, but trust me, you’ll not regret it.

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