Various – Invisible 006 [Invisible]

Noisia’s Invisible imprint continues to showcase the experimental side of drum & bass. Nickbee opens the salvo with the sublime Third Entity; beautiful atmospherics on the intro give way to monstrous bass stabs and some super crisp percussion work throughout the track gives it that polish that separates the 1% from the rest of the D&B scene. 

Axon moves things along with the hyper syncopated trap-infused sounds of STTR – comparatively stripped back but packed full of rhythm and an infectious groove. Noisia themselves contribute the cinematic sounds of The Tower, drenched in gloom and a beat pattern so sparse it’s almost non-existent, and Fre4knc closes things out with a tidy sub-heavy stepper.

Check out the beats below and grab this on vinyl or digital now from your favourite outlet.

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