DNB Dojo Mix Series 08: Deficit


Automate co-founder Deficit steps up to deliver the eighth installment of our exclusive mix series! Packed full of cuts from the label alongside dark techy business from the likes of Philth, Raiden, Icicle, Dose and many more, this is definitely one for the heads! Stream via Mixcloud below and grab yourself a download from Mediafire.

Ben Fawce & P-Fine – Boiler Room  [Flexout Audio]
Philth – Submarine  [AutomAte]
Foreign Concept & DRS – Falling Stars  [Critical]
Shiver – Forfeit  [Diffrent]
Vince Grain – Nyctophilia  [AutomAte Deep dub]
DROPS – The Catalyst  [AutomAte]
DROPS – Utopia  [AutomAte dub]
Fuj – Pressure Plates  [AutomAte Deep]
PRTCL – Grinder  [Flexout dub]
Philth – The Game VIP  [Flexout]
Icicle – Anxious  [Shogun]
Raiden – 657  [Tech:nology]
Noisia – Brainstitch  [Shogun]
Raiden – Citalopram  [Tech:nology]
Raiden – Trinity  [Offkey]
Soularize – Buried  [Broken Audio free]
None Decay – Gully  [AutomAte]
Beaton – South  [Dark Manoeuvres]
Halogenix – Raya VIP  [Dispatch]
Raiden – Danzon  [Voodoo]
Philth & Wreckless – Poison (Raiden Remix)  [AutomAte Tech]
Philth & Wreckless – Daywalker  [Peer Pressure]
Philth – Overload  [AutomAte Tech]
Dose – Squander  [Human Imprint]
Audio – Loudener  [Position Chrome]

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