Wreckless – Hard Light (Deficit Remix) [AutomAte]

AutomAte keep up the pressure on their many sub-labels with the first release on their green label, this time with label head honcho Deficit at the controls! Wreckless’ Hard Light gets the remix treatment, with the original’s angularity replaced by a hefty rolling break in much of the tune. Abrupt switch ups give the tune much of it’s character alongside a spooky lead echoing around the upper echelons of the track.

Over on the flip the too team up to deliver a hefty stepper with bass stabs and sweeps knocking down the doors left, right and centre while the beat drives the tune steadily forward. Despite the varied bassline the tune treads a fine path, never descending into the hyperactive ADD territory that some tracks occupy. Watch out for these two dropping May 5th at all good digital outlets!

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