Maztek – Three Point Zero LP [Renegade Hardware]

Maztek brings his inimitable neurofunk stylings to Renegade Hardware once again and this time we’re being treated to a full length LP featuring some tasty dancefloor workouts. Fans of Maztek’s style won’t be disappointed, with plenty of gnarly dancefloor workouts like Sprocket,  BTK collab Wraith and the appropriately titled Stompin’ nestled in amongst the tracklist.

For me the highlights came on the impeccable sound design of Tokiwa, the mangled, slouching half-time rhythms of Disprove collab Bad Body and the relentless, rolling beats of Three Point Zero, but the whole LP is well worth your attention; crisp beats and sonic detail are the order of the day here without a doubt. The sampler drops tomorrow so check out the clips of that below, and keep your ear to the ground for clips of the full album before its release on December 15th.

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