Fixate – Throwback Therapy [Exit Records]

Ready to get ravey? The new EP from Fixate for Exit Records is certainly that, at least on appropriately named title track Throwback Therapy. Mining the sounds of old skool hardcore and jungle and throwing in a pinch of footwork and a hint of D&B, this one doesn’t seem to be taking itself too seriously and is all the better for it.

Digital bonus Sueno treads similar territory, chopping the jungle breaks with some some classic vocal “woo”s for another tidy little rave up. The other three tracks on the EP dial back the nonsense a little in favour of footwork inspired explorations of the halftime D&B pattern, all of which are worthy additions to this growing niche of the D&B community. For me though it’s really all about the less po-faced exuberance of the title track. Check out the clips below and grab this one from the Exit Store right now!

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