Calibre – Strumpet EP [Exit Records]

Confession time; when I first listened to this EP I wasn’t actually blown away by it. “Heresy!” I hear you cry. But before the ardent Calibre fanboys come for my head, let me finish – it’s a grower, to say the least.

There’s no doubting the musical chops of Dominick Martin at this point, but it would still be all too easy for him to slip into the formulaic manufacture of identikit liquid rollers and cease to be interesting; thankfully that’s not the case, with the tracks on this EP exploring a slightly different aesthetic than most of his previous work.

The shimmering ambience and crisp liquid breaks are still present, to be sure, but there’s a hint of darkness to the tracks, from the growling bass of Strumpet to the edgy stabs of Stranger and off into the warm and fuzzy basswork of The Sweet and Concrete, the latter of which is undoubtedly the star track of the release.

If you wanted to lay hands on the beautiful limited edition boxed version of this you’re already out of luck, but you can still pick up the regular press on double 12″ from the Exit Store. Check out the clips below and get to getting!

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