Dojo Damager: Quadrant, Iris & Cease – Wirecutter

This week’s Damager comes courtesy of Seattle-based husband & wife team Quadrant & Iris. The duo and their regular collaborator Kid Hops are set to release their debut LP through Klute’s ever excellent Commercial Suicide imprint and the first few tracks dropped via the LP sampler last week.

While the sampler (and doubtless the forthcoming album) plays host to a varied selection of styles, one of the highlights comes on the unashamed rollout of Wirecutter, produced in collaboration with Chris Cease. Harking back to the golden era of techstep and eschewing the hyperactivity of neurofunk production, this is a straight up punishing groove with heavy drums and a low, pulsing bassline. Perfectly executed, and guaranteed to destroy a dancefloor. Yes yes!

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