Seba & Method One Singles

When you’re presented with two dope new singles from the same production duo within a week of one another, clearly there’s only one legitimate response; review double feature!

Everyone’s favourite Swedish D&B producer Seba has teamed up with stateside experimentalist Method One once again and they’ve crafted some pretty groovy tracks. Dawn Patrol leads their 12″ for Commercial Suicide, featuring customarily floaty Seba pad work and crispy breaks a plenty, while Eidolon takes things in a heavier direction with more crunchy breaks and a funky bass hook. Noice!

Not content with a more than capable outing on Klute’s label, the boys have also signed a pair of moodier tracks to Samurai Music, featuring more polished drum work, deep sub and creepy synth leads; atmospheric business. Silicon Nature edges out as the Dojo fave on this one, but both tracks are top notch as you’d expect from producers with this much experience.

Personally we’re hoping to hear more from Seba & Method One in the not too distant future! Hit up the Commercial Suicide and Samurai stores respectively to grab these on vinyl or digital right now.

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Premiere: Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris – 206

The Seattle production trio of Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris have been blazing quite a trail for themselves recently with releases for the likes of CIA, Dispatch and of course Commercial Suicide. Klute’s much revered imprint are poised to drop the 206 LP next month, and we’ve got the scoop on the title track!

With a pressure-cooker progression, crisp breaks and a pounding bassline, 206 sees Q, K & I with all eyes firmly rooted on the dancefloor for a throbbing groove that should propel any crowd into a sweat-drenched, fast-moving mess. Check out the track below and look out for the full LP dropping on October 16th.

Dojo Damager: Quadrant, Iris & Cease – Wirecutter

This week’s Damager comes courtesy of Seattle-based husband & wife team Quadrant & Iris. The duo and their regular collaborator Kid Hops are set to release their debut LP through Klute’s ever excellent Commercial Suicide imprint and the first few tracks dropped via the LP sampler last week.

While the sampler (and doubtless the forthcoming album) plays host to a varied selection of styles, one of the highlights comes on the unashamed rollout of Wirecutter, produced in collaboration with Chris Cease. Harking back to the golden era of techstep and eschewing the hyperactivity of neurofunk production, this is a straight up punishing groove with heavy drums and a low, pulsing bassline. Perfectly executed, and guaranteed to destroy a dancefloor. Yes yes!

Zombie Cats – Cat Attack EP [Commercial Suicide]

Zombie Cats, the project now revealed to be none other than the new alias of longtime collaborators Rregula & Dementia, have been carving up the D&B scene for the past year with releases for Bad Taste, Eatbrain and Lifted Music, and now they’ve landed on Commercial Suicide with another firing selection of hard-edged neurofunk.

The tracks on the Cat Attack EP do exactly what they say on the tin, bringing darkness and energy for unashamed dancefloor rollouts with crunchy textures and heft in absolute abundance. As the closing track so aptly puts it, Don’t Be Playing. Check out the clips below and hit up the Commercial Suicide Bandcamp page to grab the EP direct now.

Soul Intent – Wanna Fight EP [Commercial Suicide]

Commercial Suicide are back and that means (among other things) another amusingly spurious press release! This time Klute would have us believe that Soul Intent produced the EP “entirely on a Kindle in his tent on a mountainside using the latest in solar energy technology”. I think we’ll assume that’s a bit of a fib.

Klute’s sense of humour aside, the EP offers three solid and entirely distinct tracks worthy of any discerning fan’s attention. Funk Lick kicks off the EP with a stripped back tech stepper with (you guessed it…) a hint of funk, while Move Your Body opts for blissful melodies set to chaotic amen-chopping that is reminiscent of classic drumfunk and even older jungle in equal measure.

Last up, Soul Intent teams up with Chromatic for a big, nasty slab of bass led dancefloor filth for the titular Wanna Fight. Hopefully it’ll inspire bassface and rowdiness on the dancefloor without actually initiating any punch ups! Check out the clips below and hit up the Commercial Suicide bandcamp to grab it on digital right now. There’s also a promo mix from the man himself (embed below the clips) featuring some suitably rolling selections.

Nymfo – Brain Feeder EP [Commercial Suicide]

Nymfo returns to Commercial Suicide for a tasty new EP featuring four chunky slabs of D&B. Brain Feeder and BTK collab Shelter provide the dancefloor weapons while Planetarium and Shivers explore deeper territory, with lush synths on the former and deep bass and intricate percussion on the latter.

To quote the ever droll label press release, ‘Here we have you the next instalment of the “Nymfo releases music on Commercial Suicide” story. Gather around and rejoice this occasion.’ Rejoice indeed! Check out the clips below and hit up the Commercial Suicide bandcamp to get this right now!