Q&A – Amphix [Bay 6 Recordings]

Bay 6 have been impressing us a lot lately with their deep liquid output so ahead of their Back To Bay 6 EP we tracked down label owner Amphix to get the lowdown on the new release and the label’s plans for the future.

DNB Dojo: Hi Jack! Thanks for chatting with us today. Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Amphix: No worries, thanks for this opportunity! I’m Jack Perry and I’m the owner of Bay 6 Recordings; if you’ve dealt with the label in the past, that was me! I also dabble in some of my own music under the alias Amphix.

DD: The latest release on Bay 6 features six different producers. How did you come to sign the various tracks that made it on to the EP?

A: For the most part, I was already in touch with the artists about individual releases on the label (which may or may not still be happening…)

I’d had the idea for Back to Bay 6 planned for a while: six artists, six tracks, so once I had a few loose bits over from artists it made sense to make it happen. I contacted Marcus Tee to see if he was interested once we had the other five tracks. Cityskape’s track was actually sent in as a demo for the label, but I persuaded him to let us have it for the Back to Bay 6 EP.

It took a while but in the end it all wrapped up quite nicely; the artists worked very hard which is a pleasure.

DD: The EP also features one of your own tracks, Never Let Go, which has a distinctly Calibre-esque vibe. Can you tell us a bit more about this track, how it came together and anything that inspired it?

A: What a compliment, thank you! I’ve had the track finished for a couple of years now. It was partly inspired by listening to a lot of Calibre at the time, as well as other oldschool liquid D&B/ jungle artists. I love the idea that one little sample of a piano, guitar, vocal or anything really, can be turned into a whole track, so I gave it a go! The vocal sample originally said ‘Never Let Go’ rather than ‘Honestly’, but I felt it fit the track more, hence the name.

DD: How do you go about finding new material for Bay 6? Do you search out artists, or do you find that most of the music comes to you naturally via personal connections or demo submissions?

A: Initially it was completely down to having to contact artists and ask if they’d consider releasing with us, which is a lot harder than it sounds. I was lucky enough to know Colossus at the time who did us a massive favour prodiving us with our first release to get the ball rolling!

As we’ve released more and more music we tend to get sent tracks in as demo’s now which is fantastic. Any artists reading this don’t be shy to send your demo’s over! Sometimes though I will still stumble across an artists that I really love and have to contact them personally.

DD: What else has the label got in store for this year? I’m guessing at some point Vol. 2 of the Back to Bay 6 series should surface?

A: We’ve got releases up to the end of the year all penned in the calendar now which is awesome. We’re working very hard now to launch a small line of merchandise that we want to have available before xmas. We’ve been carefully designing T-Shirts to launch, for example, after listening to a lot of feedback from friends and fans.

Back to Bay 6 Vol. 2 is happening for definite, though it probably won’t be until next year. It’s taken us quite a while to finally get this one to surface!

DD: Anything you’d like to tell us about from your Amphix and MonoScript projects?

A: There are some small projects in the works, I have still have some finished Amphix tracks that are yet to surface, but right now most of my spare time is going into running the label, as I’m sure you can relate to.

DD: Last but not least, any shout outs?

A: I’d like to give a big shout out to Joshua Arnold who provides us with our amazing release artwork. Also a shout-out to Pulsate and Britewall who have not only worked extremely hard on their music they’ve released with us, but also supported us from the start.

Shout to Marcus Tee who has also put a lot of effort into his releases with us (little hint there…). Aaaand last but not least, a big thanks to Amy, Danielle, Debs, Tony, Josh Ackermann, Sam and Guy from AcidnBass and Aaron Demolder for their continued support. It means a lot!

You can check out the clips for the Back To Bay 6 Vol. 1 EP below; hit up your favourite digital outlet to grab the release right now.

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