DNB Dojo Podcast #2 – Dec 2016

The Dojo podcast returns with a bumper two hour long second episode just in time for Christmas! Blog owner Hex is back on the decks with all the best cuts from the Dojo inbox representing the full spectrum of D&B sounds. Check it…

You can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to YoutubeMixcloud, Hearthis.at or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

DLR – Dreamland (feat. Gusto) [Dispatch]
Mauoq – Mannoy (Kozmo Remix) [Mauoq Music]
Dom & Roland – A New Renegade [Metalheadz]
Big Bud, Roygreen, Protone & Dual – Gospodi [Demand]
G.H.O.S.T – Heavy Shoulders [Goldman]
Signal – Objectify [Neodigital]
Nickbee & Limel – Airkiss [Kill Tomorrow]
Voyage – Omega [Tech Itch]
Neve – I Love You [The Dreamers]
ReDraft & HP.Ritch – Worth It [Alluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out]
OneMind & Om Unit – Expliciticity [Metalheadz]
Internal – The Natives [Onset Audio]
Samurai Breaks – Silverback [Ground Mass]
Beatnok – Synthetix [AGN7 Audio]
Imba – From Within [Soulvent]
Drumcatcher – Silver Funk [Fokuz]
D Flect – Refraction [Modular Carnage]
Naibu – Heartgold [Horizons]
Total Science vs. Digital & Spirit – Jigsaw [CIA / Phantom Audio]
Subtension – I Know [Cause4Concern]
Calibre – Iron Balls [Signature]
Amoss – Yuzu [Horizons]
Blanca – N9_5c [Ronin Ordinance]
Ded Sheppard – 1bad1 [Onset Audio]
InsideInfo & Miss Trouble – Revolution [Viper]
Quentin Hiatus – Subtle Push [Free Love Digi]
Kantyze – Gypsy Curse [Concussion]
Mefjus & Emperor – Flashizm [Critical]
Mitekiss – Just Begun [SGN:LTD]
Xanadu – Save Yourself [Dom & Roland]
Monty – A Flash Of Luck [Plasma]
Break – Left Behind [Symmetry]
Villem & Phase – Kaiko [Metalheadz]
M-Set – Iqama [AutomAte]
Psidream & Pacific – Reflections [Nightfall]
Signs – Bluntwraps [Vandal LTD]
Tech Itch – Ancient Perception [Tech Itch]
LSB – Capture My Heart [Soul:R]
PRTCL – Break Out [Notion]
alg0rh1tm – Black Is Such a Circular Number [Air Mass]
Thing – The Land Before Time [Dubthing]
MachineCode – Voltron [Methlab]
Creatures – Transmutation [Infidelity]
HLZ – Dream Source [The Dreamers]
Nami – Galaxy Swimming [Addictive Behaviour]
D’Tch & Soul Defiance – Do Your Thing [Sweetbox]
Sephiroth – Instinct [Dangerous New Age]
Satl, Kasper & Lurch – Sky Turns Black [Fokuz]
Hydro, War & Mateba – Nothing to Lose [Methlab BNKR]
War & Sk4nz – Bismuth [Metnem]
Kimyan Law – Yore Dub [Blu Mar Ten]
Unwell – Totem [T3K LTD]
Balatron – Flux [Flexout]
Samurai Breaks – Run [Halogen Music]
Radicall – After All [Infiltrator]
Jem One – Trouble [36 Hertz]
Broken Note – Rust In Peace [Methlab]
Response & Pliskin – Future Uncertain [Tempo]
Eighth Moon – Boundless [Bay 6]
Kodin – Get Yourz [Bad Taste]
Oak – Sandman VIP [Microfunk Music]

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