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We’re big fans of Monika here at DNB Dojo, and the latest addition to his concise but powerful discography is proving just as enjoyable. Ahead of the release of Vector at the end of the month, we asked the man for his favourite D&B tracks of all time. In no particular order…

Sunchase – Ultimate Survival

Lovely atmospheric vibes that bubble out of the abyss. I think I first heard this on a Sam KDC mix, and I had it on repeat for about a month. It turned out to be a very hard record to track down, and it now keeps a very special place amongst my collection.

Circa – Ida

A never-ending source of inspiration, and a track that always moves me whenever I hear it. It stood as a signpost at the start of my music career, pointing me towards a style of production and composition that makes Monika what it is today.

T.E.E.D – Garden (Calibre Remix)

What D&B list could exist without Calibre? Despite the extensive catalogue of his own works, it’s this T.E.E.D Remix that has influenced me the most. How he effortlessly turned a mediocre electro-pop track into a melancholic D&B masterpiece stands as a testament to his talent. Extra note: this mixes PERFECTLY out of Alix Perez’s Forsaken. These two tunes are made for each other!

Ebony Dubsters – RA

Next, Shy FX & T Power changing it up with a dutty jump-up classic. You’ve probably heard this in that ridiculous Baptazia youtube video. This choon is just pure meat. This was one of the tunes that got me into D&B originally and still holds up 10 years later.

Lynx – Disco Dodo

This tune is one of a kind, with its hard-as-mother-fuppin-nails bouncy rhythm and seemingly endless buildups and breakdowns. Its still feels like a truly forward-thinking record, and I’ve honestly not heard another track quite like it.

Monika’s brand new single Vector is out tomorrow on Soulvent Records; pre-orders are available now!

If you can’t get enough Monika be sure to check out his entry in the Dojo mix series; a year old but still mighty fresh!

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