Hex Guest Mix for Vykhod Sily Podcast

Hex drops the latest guest mix for well established Russian podcast Vykhod Sily this month, going in deep on a selection of beats spanning decade old classics right up to brand new cuts. Crossing styles from techstep to liquid to halftime and experimental material, the mix also includes a handful of Marcus Intalex tunes as a small tribute to the passing of a legend…RIP.

Check out the mix below via Soundcloud or head to Mixcloud or hearthis.at. You can also find it on our iTunes Podcast feed.

Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Way of the Warrior [Defcom]
Alix Perez & Zero T – The Ladders [Dispatch]
Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Om Unit Remix) [Metalheadz]
Calibre – Honey Dew [Signature]
DBR UK – Say What You Want (Cern Remix) [Dispatch]
Andyskopes – True Chord Redux VIP [Utopia Music]
Tokyo Prose – Good Bye Hands [SunandBass]
Desimal – Hyperboria [Citrus]
Unknown Error – The Yearning (Apex VIP) [Horizons]
Heist – Rejected Love [Horizons]
Ulterior Motive & Codebreaker – It’s On [Subtitles]
SCAR – Call It What You Want [Dispatch]
Marcus Intalex – Hell 2 Pay [Metalheadz]
Dominic Petrie – Beyond The Wall of Sleep [Ingredients]
Soul Intent & LaMeduza – What I Wouldn’t Do (Amen Rollout Mix) [Lossless]
Sicknote, Dissect & Jay Bionic – Occurrence [Paws]
Soul Intent – Eyes Open [Lossless]
Noisia & Teebee – Time Stops [Subtitles]
Hex – No Forgiveness (Gloom VIP) [Black Tuna]
Amit – You Look Better Dead [Exit]
Detail – Breakout (Xanadu Remix) [Addictive Behaviour]
Amoss – Tripped [Horizons]
Mako – A Break From Ritual [Warm Communications]
Conduct – Beta’s Error [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Calibre – Key Flix [Signature]
Blu Mar Ten – All Thoughts Are Prayers (Marcus Intalex Remix) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Subwave – Indigo [Shogun]
Mark System – Optix [Exit]
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix) [31 Recordings]
Total Science – All Massive [Metalheadz]
Chris.Su – First Snow [Subtitles]
Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood [Shogun]
Detail & Tiiu – Days Go By [Symmetry]

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