Top 5: Phuture-T

With releases for the likes of Alpha Cut, Criterion and Eastern Promise Audio, Phuture-T has been chopping up breaks for the better part of a decade and has rightly garnered a reputation as a cracking producer keeping a slightly old-school aesthetic alive within the scene. To celebrate his latest single for Inperspective we tracked him down and asked him for his top 5 breaks! Check it out for some drum rhythm history…

The following are some of my favourite breaks to use in projects. Looking to inject some funk into your tracks? Then these break-beats are definitely a good bet!

James Brown – Soul Pride

When it comes to breaks drummed by late Clyde Stubblefield, this is probably one of his best. It’s such a lively, energetic break with great hits and excellent flams to go wild with.

Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm – Funky Mule

Straight in your face break, solid kick-drum and nice attack on the snares and rolls. It will no doubt make a great impact on any track.

James Brown – Funky Drummer

This well known break by Stubblefield just makes anything rolling. Works marvellously on different pitch variations too.

Love – Doggone

The hard hitting cymbal crashes make the break stand out, but on top of that you get the whole scope of the drum kit. Be sure to check the original drum solo and you will find lots of great hits to work with.

James Brown – Tighten Up

Mother of all ‘clangy’ breaks, with a tremendous hard-hitting cymbal break. I like to use this as a layered break, but it serves very good on its own too.

Look out for The Fugitive Drummer / Cold Sweat dropping Oct 27th on Inperspective; pre-orders are available on Bandcamp right now.

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