Exclusive: Quentin Hiatus – Unexpected Guest

Regular readers will know that we’re big fans of US beatsmith Quentin Hiatus and his Free Love Digi imprint, so when they proposed we team up to give away a track from his new EP we jumped at the chance! Unexpected Guest brings together Quentin’s knack for an infectious melody with his hip-hop influences for an atmospheric, hypnotic slice of halftime goodness; bleepy leads and a head-nodding groove on this one. Check it out below and hit up Soundcloud or Google Drive for a free download!

Quentin Hiatus:
Facebook → facebook.com/quentinhiatusFLD
SoundCloud → soundcloud.com/quentinhiatus
Twitter → twitter.com/quentinhiatus

Free Love Digi:
Facebook → facebook.com/FreeLoveDigi
SoundCloud → soundcloud.com/free-love-digi
Twitter → twitter.com/freelovedigi

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