DNB Dojo Podcast #12 – Oct 2017

Celebrating a full year of monthly mixes, Hex is back with the 12th episode of the DNB Dojo Podcast! This bumper edition of the series weighs in at nearly two hours, packed full of music from Treega, Cyantific & BMotion, Anodyne Industries, Friske, Thomas B, Conduct and many more. As if all of that isn’t enough there are also exclusive dubs inside from Sedo and Just Jungle (aka Genotype). Play it loud and get a taste of the full range of the D&B sound!

You know the score by now; check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

DJ E – The Black Barn [Tech Itch]
Screamarts – Mezmerize [Fragmented]
Radicall – When It’s Dark Out [Warm Ears]
Centaspike & Indidjinous – Dismantled Planet (City Pains Remix) [Tech Itch]
DJ Hidden – Gone [Othercide]
Melinki & Ozone – Unorthodox [AR Records]
Monty – Concrete Flow [Vandal]
Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Paid In Blood [Diffrent]
S.Oppress & 50-Kal – Origami Tsunami [Onset Audio]
Myselor – All The Same [Red Light]
Impish – Changing Colours [Occulti Music]
Voltage – Mood Swings [Metalheadz]
Sicknote, Dissect & Jay Bionic – Bluffing [Paws]
Orion – All Around [Such Music]
Treega – Faro [The Dreamers]
Conduct – Out of the Blue [Blu Mar Ten]
Samurai Breaks – Special Delivery [Tsunami Bass Weight]
Syk2ne – Framework Mutation [Dark Industry]
Mayhem & Logam – All I Do (Gridlok VIP) [Santoku]
Battery – Future Proof [Metalheadz]
Auxetic – Cryostasis [Triplicate]
Phuture-T – The Fugitive Drummer [Inperspective]
Breakage – Ric Flair Strut [Index]
Anodyne Industries – A Fire Alight In Memory [Onset Audio]
Handra – Locket (Mikal Remix) [Counterpoint]
Kantyze – Cipher [Free Love Digi]
Ethos – Reality [None 60]
Redpill – Follow The Reaper [Bad Taste]
Osmas – Vague Thoughts [Citate Forms]
Anodyne Industries – Tears Glitter Like Broken Glass [Locked Concept]
Cyantific & BMotion – Cyborg [Viper]
Royalston – 15GAMMA [Med School]
Just Jungle – G Lab [Dub]
Lewis James – Shapeshifter [Astrophonica]
Alix Perez – Blips [1985 Music]
Sam Harris & Lucia – You Don’t Know [Modular Carnage]
Mauoq – Everything Irie (Wayout Dub) [Mauoq Music]
Crash Comet – Endless Dreams [Invasion]
Nummix – Suddenly [Kosmos]
Onism Qi – Ice Funk [Free Love Digi]
Sikey – All Our Yesterdays [Fokuz]
Slain & Avto – Triplonia [Krytika Productions]
Friske – Destruction [Dust Audio]
Protagonist – Young Lords Conquer Burned Lands [Onset Audio]
SBZ & Midn8Runner – Dope [Hyperactivity]
Pola & Bryson – Way Back (Data 3 Remix) [Soulvent]
Dolenz – Evesdrop [Exit]
Sedo – Increase The Doses [Dub]
Acid Lab – Can’t Run [Lossless]
Fortune – Drammatica [Ronin Ordinance]
Pacific – Blood Alley [Nightfall]
Fuj – Undertones [Nurtured Beatz]
NickBee – Alter Ego [AXON]
Thomas B – Augmented Place [Free Love Digi]
Ground – Lucy [Flexout / Onyx]
Impak – Fractals [Cause4Concern]
Colony – Get Down [Blackhill Production]
Just Jungle – Fury [Dub]
Riya, Nymfo & ZeroZero – Left Behind [CIA]
Kid Lib – That Special Way [Foxy Jangle]

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