DNB Dojo Podcast #13 – Nov 2017

Hex returns with the penultimate podcast of 2017 and as regular listeners will have come to expect, it’s stuffed full of the latest cuts spanning all the styles of D&B from rowdy to chilled and rolling to experimental. Shouts to Bioritm and Xorcore for providing some exclusive dubs this month and watch out for the weighty halftime section featuring cuts from EPROM, Safire and Crimes! Elsewhere there are new bits from Kiril, Radicall, The Upbeats, Cruk, Bowsar & Phentix and many more…check it out.

You know the score by now; check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Bowsar & Phentix – Parsec [IN:DEEP]
John E. Wink – Cycles (Mark Kloud Remix) [Ground Mass]
Quentin Hiatus – Rejection (feat. Kryptomedic) [Free Love Digi]
Ded Sheppard – Assembling Silence (Homemade Weapons Remix) [Onset Audio]
Khnum – Victa [Detached Audio]
Kloro4m – Address Resolution Protocol [Lost]
Meta4 & Mr Porter – Leviathan [Nurtured Beatz]
Trox – Rising [Redcliffe]
Covert Garden – Leagues [Covert Garden]
Freqax & Kaiza – Fdamn [Fragmented]
Brakken – Grey Summer [Tech Itch]
Dexta & Crypticz – Together (Danny Skrilla Reslice) [Diffrent]
In:Most – Over The Shoulder [Soulvent]
Cruk – Undoing [Critical]
Nelver & EmTee – Untold Soul [Celsius]
Data 3 – Fossil [Addictive Behaviour]
DJ Ransome – Black Velet [Default]
Monrroe, Bert H & High N Sick – Escape (Seba Remix) [Fokuz]
The Upbeats – Punks [Critical]
Spectron – The Ignorance [Krytika Productions]
No Rules, Daliv & Loucura – Bugaboo [Ronin Ordinance]
Alberto – Walk With Me (Solo Remix) [Jupiter Sounds]
Gydra – Ikra [Eatbrain]
EastColors – Demons (feat. Moody) [Demand]
Danky – Stripped Silence [MalLabel]
Darkgray Heart – Corrupt [Clear Conceptions]
Zimbu – Planets In Orbit [Wonk#ay Records]
EPROM – Drone Warfare [1985 Music]
Safire – Crystal Gee [Plasma Audio]
Crimes! – Hevee [Vandal LTD]
Bioritm – Deep Sea [Dub]
Xorcore – Out of the Machine [Dub]
Macrothyst & Kilobite – Black Mask [T3K LTD]
Northern Zone – Crumble [Limitless]
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Napalm [Blendits]
Survey – Solar Sail [Flexout]
Memtrix – Concrete [Memtrix Music]
Total Science, Quadrant & Iris – False Alarm (Villem Remix) [CIA]
Imran Graffiti – Sleep Talk [Inner City Dance]
Etherwood – Fire Lit Sky [Med School]
Radicall – Laidback [Terra Firma]
Kiril – Ugo [The Dreamers]
Impak – Molecule (Vosko Remix) [True Bass]
Dossa & Locuzzed – I Owe [Viper]
Tim Reaper – Spirit Bomb [Next Phase]
Crypticz & Iyer – Don’t Need U [Diffrent]

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