Fade – Limacon EP

As those with their finger on the pulse in the D&B scene may already be aware, Ukrainian producer Fade recently suffered catastrophic hearing loss, leaving him unable to produce (or even listen to) music. Not only has this left the scene without one of its most underrated talents, it’s also left Fade unable to make money since music was his only form of income, and the only remedy for the condition is a set of eye-watteringly expensive high-end hearing aids.

With that in mind, Fade has released a new EP of his best dubs from before the hearing loss, with all proceeds going towards the five thousand euro required to fix his hearing. Featuring some sick rollers and massive dancefloor smashers, it’d be well worth your attention regardless of the tragic circumstances; it’s doubly worth your attention with that factored in as well. Check out the tracks below and hit up Bandcamp to grab a copy, or donate directly via his crowdfunding campaign. Please give generously!

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