DNB Dojo Podcast #17 – Mar 2018

You all know the score by now…Hex is back with the monthly DNB Dojo podcast, this month featuring beats from Coppa, Hyroglifics, Whiney, Fade, Low:r and many more, and exclusive dubs from Øska and Just Jungle. Full spectrum D&B sound…get to know.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Fade – All About Julia [Faded Music]
Sicknote – 2000AD [Dope Plates]
Stunna – Age of Innocence [Deconstructed]
Brusten & Dyl – Stuck On You (Homemade Weapons Remix) [Context]
Dub Elements – Thunder [DEM]
R1C0 – Step Right [Warm Ears]
Invadhertz – Battle Lines (feat. MC Gusto) [Addictive Behaviour]
Dub One – What Goes Around [Foundation X]
Motional – Lost In A Moment [Influenza]
Coppa & Dexcel – Reasons to Survive [Audioporn]
Ewol – Tokyo Blues [Plasma Audio]
Blue Sirens – Blue Jay (Crash Comet Remix)
Option – The Harbor [Detached Audio]
Morphy – Put Down Your Gunz (Spirit Riot Mix) [Foundation X]
Rune & Kaiza – Crysis (Surreal Remix) [T3K]
Morphy & 9 Tails Fox – No Profit [Morphy Bandcamp]
Screamarts – The Pull [Subplate]
Hyroglifics – South London’s Finest [Critical]
Whiney – Set List [Med School]
Traced – Dirty [Close 2 Death]
Drop Frame – Turing Test [Drop Frame]
Lewis James – Nutso [Rua Sound]
Objcts – Here’s One I Prepared Earlier [Wonk#ay]
Rockwell – ’09 Track [Shogun Audio]
Samurai Breaks & Dyrekt – Revenants [Fragmented]
Subp Yao & Razat – Limit [Flexout Waves]
Quartz & Survey – Motion Design [Acrylic]
Medium – Orbital Motion [Suspect Device]
Rune & Kaiza – Dash (Low:r Remix) [T3K]
NickBee & The Clamps – The Roots [Vandal]
Elementz of Noize – Robotica [Elementz of Noize]
Dub Head – Genesis [Dispatch LTD]
Levrige – Grym [Black Tuna]
NickBee & The Clamps – Let’s Bring Them Hell [Axon]
Ding – Doppler (feat. Sulex) [Modular Carnage]
Monika – To The Light [Soulvent]
Øska – ??? [Dub]
Dan Guidance – The Two Of Us [Liquid Drops]
Just Jungle – Run Scene [Dub]
Task Horizon – Hyperion [Evolution Chamber]
6blocc, Calculon, Shamanga – Call Out [Defrostatica]
GDS & Luca Synesthezia – Better Late Than Never [Synesthezia Bass]
Keig’ – Control This [Deafmuted]
Incus, D Flect & Arcus – Voyage [Symmetry]
Foreign Beggars  – Visitations (feat. Scorzayzee & Hyroglifics) [Par Excellence]
Stoner – Holo [The Dreamers]
Aeon Waves – Voyageur [Onset Audio]
Electrosoul System – Hyperborea Touch [Kos.Mos Music]

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