DNB Dojo Podcast #20 – Jun 2018

The Dojo podcast reaches it’s twentieth instalment and as always Hex is on the 1s and 2s delivering a full spectrum D&B workout. This month’s edition weighs in at a whopping 105 minutes due to an unbelievable volume of quality beats being released this month; beats inside from Philip D Kick, Melinki & Demure, SD, Kusp, Survey, OneMind and many more.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Kove – Give & Take [DNB Arena]
Pulseye – Halos [Ronin Ordinance]
PRTCL – Subterranian [Flexout]
Hathor – Canal Park [Phantom Others]
Quadrant, DStruct & Iris – Reflector [Dispatch]
Dissident – Anabasis [None60]
Darkgray Heart – Man Is God [Onset Audio]
Khnum – Cynar [Detached Audio]
Option – Violet [Detached Audio]
Momentum – Spliced [Ortem]
Philip D Kick – In Formation [Astrophonica]
Cosmology – The Fellowship [Celsius]
Digital & Spirit – Deaddial [Phantom Audio]
Blu Mar Ten – Until Tomorrow [Blu Mar Ten]
Alexvnder – Continuity [Celsius]
Bredren – Aversive [Lifestyle]
Melinki & Demure – Dancehall Sound [Fokuz]
Coolhand Flex & Effekttz – Project X [Default]
Typecell – Values [Subplate]
SD – Cold Blade [Commercial Suicide]
DYL – The Usual Suspects [Skutta]
Monty – Error 31000 [Plasma Audio]
Electrosoul System – One, Two… Madness (VIP Mix) [Kos.Mos]
Kelle & Juha – Lark [Kos.Mos]
Phentix X Fluke – Soothsayer [IN:DEEP]
Duplum Ego – Mechanoids [T3K LTD]
Genotype – Roadman [G Lab]
Mashox & Cyke – Breathe [Moshbit]
Survey – Corners [Dispatch LTD]
Just Dubz & Just Jungle – Wind Rush [Dub]
Halogenix – Blej VIP [Critical]
Kusp – Shadowed [Detail]
Sister Mary – 0G [Aufect Platinum]
Corrupted & J. Nomad – Tears In Rain [Halogen Music]
Shades – The Saga [Deadbeats]
Lynch Kingsley & Neve – Deadly [Rua Sound]
Tweakz – If I Could [Delta9]
Lexxion – Greater Intelligence (Petroll Remix) [Soul Lab Dub]
Fragment – Meander [Default]
Kit Curse – Sphere [Ronin Ordinance]
Martyn Nytram – Killer [AutomAte]
Brusten – Transvision [Counterpoint]
Kalm & Carera – Late Night Vibes (Release Remix) [Nurtured Beatz]
Artificial Behavior – Constant [Quintessence]
Dan Guidance – Open [Liquid Brilliants]
FYM – Proton [Drum Army]
Fuj & Amoss – Southern Cross [Flexout]
Quentin Hiatus – Unstable Crystal [Free Love Digi]
OneMind – Vibrations [Metalheadz]
Objectiv – Inception [Terabyte]
Invadhertz – Something About You [Context]
SBZ – La Funk [Hyperactivity]
Kolectiv – The Third Perspectiv [Dispatch]
Actraiser – All Alone [Celsius]
Modu – Derelict Space [Lost]
Frame – Primitive Jungle [The Dreamers]
Invadhertz – Into a Dream [Addictive Behaviour]
Missing – Psychological Profile [Locked Concept]
Celo – Sinister [Deconstructed]
Sinistarr – 55555 (Phillip D. Kick Remix) [Beat Machine]
Jaskin – Feel It [Ambra]
InDifferent – The Only One Left [Free Download]
SL8R – No Fuss [Delta9]
Nemy & Rcallz – Criminals [Terra Firma]
John Rolodex – Vanquish [Trust Audio]
Seba & Jr Vallo – Exit [Secret Operations]
SPYFI – Humble Abode 陋室铭 [Mettasonic]
Six Trees District – Ink Stone [Six Trees District]
Stick in The Wheel – As I Roved Out (Om Unit Remix) [From Here]

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