Bay 6 Recordings Podcast 003

Dojo boss Hex steps up to the decks to deliver the third instalment of the Bay 6 Recordings podcast! Featuring 70 minutes of D&B rollers, the selection focuses on deeper liquid styles with some techier cuts thrown in for good measure. Spanning classics, new releases and some unreleased music as well as plenty of Hex productions, look out for some exclusives that you can’t hear anywhere else!

If you’re enjoying the mix, make sure to go and grab Hex’s latest work for Detached Audio, This Snare.

DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Yellow Shoes [Innerground]
Calibre – Silence [Signature]
Hex – No Forgiveness (Gloom VIP) [Black Tuna]
Electrosoul System – Past Time Cruiser [Med School]
Kimyan Law – Run Ames (feat. Robert Manos) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Low:r – Harmonize It [Terra Firma]
Tokyo Prose – Dawn Chorus [Samurai Music]
Option – Violet [Detached Audio]
ID – ID [Dub]
Digital & Spirit – Phantom 2018 [Phantom Audio]
Satl, Kasper & Lurch – Sky Turns Black [Fokuz]
Phentix & Hex – San Teodoro [Celsius]
ID – ID [Detached Audio Dub]
ID – ID [Dub]
Telomic – Onism (Aperio Remix) [Terra Firma]
S.T. Files & Calibre – Falling Down [Grey Audio]
DLR & Mako – Your Mind [Metalheadz]
Breakage – Ric Flair Strut [Index]
Fearbace – All In A Day [Bay 6]
Blackboxx – Wavves [Fokuz]
K2T & Manu – Khnum (ob:verse Remix) [Detached Audio]
Icicle & Switch – Looking Away [Osiris Music]
ID – ID [Dub]
Amphix – Never Let Go [Bay 6]
Amoss – Shapeshifter (feat. MC Fokus) [Dispatch]
Province – Your Mind [Bay 6]
Amoss – Century Seven [Dispatch]
DJ Trace – Sonar (Quartz Remix) [117]
Nemy & Hermetik – Our Souls [Celsius]
Siren – Snorkel (S.P.Y Remix) [Siren]
Blocks & Escher – Something Borrowed, Something Blue [Metalheadz]
Break – Left Behind [Symmetry]
Hex – Weightless VIP [Dub]
Marcus Intalex – Zumbar [Soul:R]
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Calibre Remix) [Polydor]
Tokyo Prose – Good Bye Hands [Sun & Bass]
Hex – Grey Skies [Sub:mission Audio]
Hex – This Snare [Detached Audio Dub]

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