DNB Dojo Podcast #25 – Nov 2018

With the year drawing to an end, Hex is back with the penultimate podcast of 2018 and as always it’s packed full of fresh D&B goodness! This time around there’s new music from Circuits, Frame, Kusp, Retrakt, Visages, TIDE, Akuratyde and many many more…get to know.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

SpectraSoul – Organiser (Circuits Rewire) [Critical]
Break & DLR – City Slickers [Symmetry]
Sedo & St.iff – Shorty [Tesseract]
G Skool – Rave Brekie [G Lab Dub]
Nucleus & Paradox – Azha [Metalheadz]
Brain Vertex – Epiphany [T3K]
Frame – Unbreakable [Delta9]
Mitekiss – Crate Six Seven [Hospital]
Peyo – Ghost Bird [Hyperactivity]
Balatron – Huginn [Methlab]
Kabuki – Whiplash [Unchained]
Fearful & LSN – Hostile Transmission [Diffrent]
D’TCH – Stay Loose [The Dreamers]
Kusp – Badlands [Detail]
Ewol – Despair (Ak:Hash Remix) [Flexout]
B1tyze – Cascadia [Samsara Beats]
DLX – Busted Groove [Free Love Digi]
Calibre – Let It Rain [31 Records]
Namarone – Prey [Drum Army]
Linear – Heavyweight (K2T Remix) [Dub]
Heft – Air Kiss [Liquid Flavours]
Piglet – Games (Mako remix) [Subsine]
Confusious – Instinct [Lost]
Gerra & Stone – Inner Light [Flexout]
Amalgam – Temporal Flow [Deconstructed]
Retrakt – Mix It Up [Terra Firma]
Retrakt – Gravity (Ding Remix) [Modular Carnage]
Loomis – The Mirror’s Eye [DNB Dojo Free Download]
Kiljoy – Bad Man [Function]
K2T – Depths (Aardonyx Remix) [Detached Audio]
Akuratyde – Lost Summer [Blu Mar Ten]
TIDE – Cloak & Dagger [Locked Concept]
Visages – Uganda [Dispatch LTD]
Mad Vibes – Hatched [Sidechain]
Dan Guidance – Love That I Need [All Street]
Thing – Blessed Love [Repertoire]
Jolliffe – Morality [RSTLSSNSS]
Subtle Element – The Core [Sixteen Step]
Ordure and Corrupted – What2Do [Music Squad]
Deep Stealth – Ocean of Consiousness [Omni Music]
Greazus – Sweat Equity [Deviant Audio]
QZB – Artificial [Critical]
Jaybee & Freeze – So Much More [Trust Audio]
Sonic Art – Beast (Abstract Illusion Remix) [Danger Chamber]
Easy & Geeks – Natural [Influence]
Nesium – Dimension Leap [Forest Biz]
Radicall – Moon [Warm Ears]
Marcus Tee – Retrospective (Valerie’s Song) [Beat Spectrum]
InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds – Beneath [DNB Arena]
Need For Mirrors – Tresor [Commercial Suicide]
Des McMahon & not sorry – Cold [Viper]
Sicknote & Escher – Trouble [Stereocilia]
Yoofee – Visualize [Through These Eyes]
Whiney – The Capital [Med School]
Wresker & Kilobite – One Night [Peng Dominion]
Submarine – Dive Alarm [1985]
Intermitant – Frozen Silence [Omni Music]
Sonic Art – Deep Feeling [Next Phase]
Aaron Spectre – Respect This Sound [Destroy Oh Boy]

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