DNB Dojo Mix Series 82: Distorted Therapy

London producer Distorted Therapy delivers our latest guest mix and it’s a gritty ride from start to finish taking in dark tech rollers from the likes of DLR, Fre4knc, Circuits, Survey, and of course Distorted Therapy himself! Deadly vibes.

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Homemade Weapons – Chrysalis (Instrumental)
Parasite – In Motion
Exept – Omkara
Exodous – Reckless
Kiril – Turn Back Time
Koherent – UGH!
Hydro, DLR, Ulterior Motive & Kid Drama – Dredger
Parasite – Rebirth
Distorted Therapy – PLASMA
Unknown – Parasiten
Cruk – Devil and the Deep
Distorted Therapy – STEP LADDER 003
DLR, Ulterior Motive & Kid Drama – Unforgiving
Enei & Kasra – 1000
Circuits – Drench
Enei & QZB – Johannesburg
Fre4knc – Red Shadow
Gran Calavera – Vivid
Klinical – Africa
Krakota & Urbandawn – Epigram
MD – Arrival
Skeptical – Plastic City
Solace – Forbidden Affection
Survey – Basic Motion
Survey – Lifter
Taelimb – Flo
Telomic – Control (Revaux Remix)
Thematic – Prime Time
Alix Perez & Zero T – Ladders
Dub Head – Genesis
Nosfer & Wingz – Shallow
Bredren – Line Art

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