Classic Track: Judda – Pressure Plate

A tune that still finds its way into my rotation, Judda’s Pressure Plate is an undeniable slice of quality that pulls me in every time. Gritty bass and clean percussion effortlessly coalesce to form this 2010 gem released on Modulations, Critical Music’s innovative, yet sadly short-lived, sub-label. Pressure Plate is just as fresh sounding as the day it came out – a tightly grooving stomper for those of a dirty yet refined taste.

As I was putting this write-up together, I happened to find that Judda has just released a freebie tune – a Drum & Bass rework of one of his early house tracks. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for more developments on what might be Judda’s return to Drum & Bass…

Written by Luke Kessler

Premiere: PRTCL x Xenon – Berlin Techno at 170

PRTCL return to DSCI4 this month and today’s premiere sees him teaming up with Xenon to channel the influence of his new home into a firing tech roller that brings to mind some of the classic “technoid” sound pioneered by labels like Raiden’s now sadly defunct Offkey. Superb track! Look for this coming Apr 15th at all the usual digital stores…

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 82: Distorted Therapy

London producer Distorted Therapy delivers our latest guest mix and it’s a gritty ride from start to finish taking in dark tech rollers from the likes of DLR, Fre4knc, Circuits, Survey, and of course Distorted Therapy himself! Deadly vibes.

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: OaT – Hostile

OaT lands on Addictive Behaviour this month with a wicked new EP so naturally we had to grab a premiere, and today we present the exclusive on Hostile. Living up to its name, this is a gritty tech roller with the atmosphere dialled up to eleven, and it’s a threatening beast to put it mildly. Look out for this one coming to Beatport on March 18th with all other stores following April 1st.

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Premiere: Telomic – Control (Revaux Remix)

Revaux are at the controls for today’s exclusive as they serve up a dirty tech remix of Telomic’s Control. Swapping the subtle rolling vibes of the original for a harder hitting arrangement, this one has grit, depth and more than enough heft for the dancefloor. Look for this alongside remixes from Aperio, Victim & Akomplis exclusively at Beatport from today, with other stores following on the 23rd.

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Artist Collective LP [Conspired Within]

US imprint Conspired Within Music are back with a big release this month in the form of the Artist Collective LP. Featuring tracks from many of the best names in the dark halftime game, the LP is a pretty formidable statement of intent from a group of producers who share a passion for gritty, minimal beats and bleak soundscapes.

Tracks range from militant percussive steppers courtesy of Epilleptech, through to techno infused grinders like Tobe:n’s Shinigami. There’s a few seriously hefty tracks in the pack too, such as standout number Burning from Out of Fuel & Criba – the bassline on this one will shake your foundations! Elsewhere the LP contains thoughtful and interesting new beats from the likes of Kit Curse, Medika, Akinsa and label boss Conspired Within.

We could waffle on further about the tracks on here but you’re far better off listening for yourself; rest assured you’ll find a great selection of music bound together by an emphasis on percussive precision and atmosphere. One for the heads that know…check it out and hit up the label Bandcamp store to pre-order now on CD or digital; the LP drops there Feb 9th with all other stores following on the 16th.

Premiere: Nephrollian – Karatod

We’re bringing you halftime bassweight today from Nephrollian on our latest exclusive premiere! Dropping soon on Invasion Recordings, fans of the precision engineered glitched out halftime bass of labels like Wonk#ay and Methlab will definitely be all over this. Serious heft! Look for the release dropping Dec 18th at Beatport, Jan 1st at all other outlets.

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Premiere: PRTCL – Your City

Our latest premiere comes from UK-born but now Berlin based producer Joe London aka PRTCL. His latest work has landed on Trace’s esteemed DSCI4 imprint in the form of six tracks of gritty techstep danger and we’re hyped to have the exclusive on EP title track Your City! Harnessing the vibe of mid-00s tech rollers, this is all about the heavy sub, ominous synth lines and militant, driving drums. Sick! Look out for the EP dropping Jan 15th at all the usual digital outlets…

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Premiere: Robustus – NYC

Our latest exclusive comes courtesy of Swiss powerhouse Demand Records! Taken from the second volume of their rather tasty Requisites EP series, Bulgarian producer Robustus serves up a wicked roller combining melancholy piano leads with rolling breaks and just enough grit in the bassline for that sweet spot of edge and soul. Requisites #2 is out on Friday; hit up the Demand Store to grab a copy on vinyl and keep your eyes on the usual digital outlets for the virtual copy.

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 04: M:Pathy


Origins Birmingham resident M:Pathy delivers the fourth in our exclusive mix series, packed full of Terabyte Records dubs, some of which have never been heard before! Gritty techstep beats all the way. With his second release dropping on Terabyte on Monday, expect big things from this man over the coming months!

Stream the mix below and grab a free download from Dropbox, or check it out on Mixcloud.

M:Pathy – Grit VIP (Forthcoming Terabyte)
Paiton – Cosma (Forthcoming Terabyte)
M:Pathy – The Grind (Forthcoming Terabyte)
Clarity & Overlook – Chinatown
Paiton – Wrapped in (Forthcoming Terabyte)
Elkie & M:Pathy – TBC
Hyroglifics – Soundboy
Fre4knc – Tubular
Volatile Psycle – Twisted Imagery (Forthcoming Terabyte)
Stealth – Deep Inside
A-Cray – Untold Stories (Forthcoming Terabyte)
M:Pathy – Meditate (Forthcoming Terabyte)
Kolectiv – Dog Eat Dog
Dreadzone – Zion Youth (Bazil remix)
J-DOK – Make Haste
Amoss – Cranium (Dakosa remix)
J-DOK, M:Pathy & Elkie – Further
Mindmapper & Fre4knc – Dictionary of Dreams
Amoss – Footloose VIP
Jekyll – Blabbermouth
Clarity – Terminology