DNB Dojo Podcast #29 – Mar 2019

Hex is back on the Dojo decks for the 29th Dojo podcast! Beats inside this month from Kabuki, Jubei, OaT, HLZ, Cnof, Syk2ne and many more, plus Hex’s bootleg of Altern8 – Frequency (give him a follow on Soundcloud if you’re keen for a free download of that…)

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Kray – Dawnlight [Mettasonic]
Roominsky – 1996 [Beat Spectrum]
Sublimit – Blind Eye [Sinuous]
K-Chaos – Boss Fight [Onset Audio]
Jubei – Cold Heart [Exit]
Bredren – Swayed [1985]
Circuits – Chord Memory [Critical]
ALB – Over You [Fokuz]
OaT – Bittersweet [Addictive Behaviour]
Subminimal – Disrupt [Ortem]
TMSV – Nobody Asks [Earthbase / Cosmic Bridge]
Colossus & DnBethh – Siren (Remix) [DNBB Digital]
Kabuki – Stush [Halogen Music]
Touchy Subject – Shudder [Rua Sound]
Groves – Uselef [Unchained]
Tahabdra – Zadyma [Lostin Sound]
Samurai Breaks – Retroflex [Samsara Beats]
Nomad – Lost in the Sauce [Fuck About]
Schematic – The Hermit [Flight Pattern]
Buunshin – Clueless [DIVIDID]
Int Company – Fire Spot [Close 2 Death]
Reflektor & Dave Owen – Undertow [Technique]
Calculon, Neve & Jaybee – Leads [None60]
Lockjaw – Enamour [Locked Concept]
Henry – Drifting Away [DNBB Digital]
Altern8 – Frequency (Hex’s Rarewave Remix) [Dub]
Malk x Starjam x Faib – Sweet (Retronics Remix) [Kos Mos Music]
Agents Of Rush – Reflect [Agents of Rush]
In:Most & Walk:r – Uh! [Soulvent]
DC Breaks – Halo VIP [Viper]
HLZ – Luther [Dispatch]
Sicknote – Heat [InReach Records]
Petroll & Arch Origin – Floating [Differential]
Wingz – Detractor [Overview]
Smeerlapp & BorkerBrothers – Testament [Hanzom]
J Plates – The Relic [Skalator]
Joakuim – Spaceship [Sable Noir]
Sinic – Left Turn [Flexout]
Henry – Restless [Detached Audio]
Cnof – Dancing Around [Fokuz]
Brain – Indignant (Wreckless Remix) [Re.Set Audio]
Method One – Sightlines [Commercial Suicide]
Corporate & Pedestrian Tactics – Rooftop Anthem [Pedestrian Tactics]
Hathor – The Moss Beneath [Literature]
Syk2ne – Walk On Thorns [Syk2ne]
HEFT – Non-Return (Madikma Remix) [Black Crane]
Jolliffe – Profundis [Soulvent]
Fortune – Gram Negative (Fortune’s 130 Redux) [Ronin Ordinance]

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