DNB Dojo Mix Series 86: Solo

Jungle selections on our latest exclusive mix as Leeds producer Solo takes the controls! Plenty of the man’s own dubs inside the ride, plus cuts from J Majik, OneMind, Coco Bryce, Acid Lab and more…if you like chopped breaks then this will definitely be up your alley.

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive, and if you want to grab any of the music for yourself hit up this BuyMusic link.

Surly – Train to Lodz [Polish Juke]
nOWt – Hoover B [Hoover]
Dead Mans Chest – Lo Freq Soul (Soundboy Version) [Forthcoming Foundation X]
J Majik – Meridian [Infrared Recordings]
Pixl – Dreamfield [Ransaked]
Coco Bryce – Vertigo [Fresh 86]
Stones Taro – Full Train [Forthcoming Third Place]
Dead Mans Chest & Thugwidow – Sleepless On Venus [Rupture]
Djrum – Mountains part 2 & 3 [2nd Drop]
Coco Bryce – Wish We Didn’t [Fresh 86]
Solo – Rude [DUB]
Solo – Formats [DUB]
OneMind – Be Nothing [Metalheadz]
Law & Kola Nut – Somewhere New [Repertoire]
Solo – Madonna [DUB]
Solo – Birthday [DUB]
Artilect – Concussion [Samurai]
Slider & Expose – Jah Victory [DUB]
Solo – Echo Chamber [DUB]
Papa Shanti & Soma – Ear To The Ground (Earl Grey Remix) [Forthcoming Eastern Promise]
Pixl – Shifting Sources [Amen-tal]
Solo – Easy USA [DUB]
Acid Lab – Planets [Repertoire]
Abyss – Liightning, Eathquake & Thunder [Myor Massiv]
Nebula – Spectrum Of Styles [Subtle Audio]

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