DNB Dojo Podcast #33 – Jul 2019

Europe might be in the grip of a heatwave but that’s not gonna stop the monthly injection of D&B from Dojo HQ! This month’s selection features new cuts from Tweakz, Concord Dawn, Dark Ops, Esc and many more, plus Hex’s own Weightless VIP (out now on Beat Spectrum) and dubs from DJ Zent and Boredome & Rottenluckz. Check it!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Voljum – Until the Last Breath [VALE]
Boredome & RottenLuckz – Violation [Dub]
Quantum Mechanix – Sonic Battle Weapon (feat. Tiímea Kovàcs) [Nurtured Beatz]
Captivate, Stranjah & Levrige – Slackline [Deviant Audio]
Tweakz – Contradictions (feat. dvdv) [Delta9]
Concord Dawn – Acres [Commercial Suicide]
Enei – Pay The Cost (feat. Jakes) [Critical]
Kije – Acid Drops [Sweetbox]
Monty – One Shot [1985 Music]
Hugh Hardie – Negomi [Hospital]
Neve – Positive/Negative [Overview Music]
K2T – Fluttering [Tesseract]
Kyam – Blood Orange [Unbidden Audio]
Sonic Art – New Orleans Freedom (Cnof Remix) [Live History]
nabepro – Headnod [0101 Music]
Quentin Hiatus – Upper Love [Free Love Digi]
Arclight – EyeWall [Vandal]
Stabfinger – Tangerine Funk [Boomerang]
Dark Ops – Running Man [Rebel Music]
Screamarts – Particles [Delta9]
Phace & Noisia – MPD (Proxima Remix) [Neosignal]
Neve & Fractale – Believe [Unchained]
Mystical Sound – Caveman [Anticlockwise Music]
Grafix – Acid Generation [Hospital]
Drumsik – Dubsik [Bad Taste]
Tephra & Arkoze – Relentless (feat. Ray Uptown) [Dispatch LTD]
Ghost Warrior – Drone [Inception Audio]
Eschaton – Silicon Lifeform [Omni Music]
Hex – Weightless (VIP) [Beat Spectrum]
HNGVR – Take Me Away [Samsara Beats]
Greekboy – Space Area 1977 [In Reach Records]
D_iolax – Confusion [Shell Shock Recordings]
Rainforest – Citrus Ridge [Mettasonic]
Esc – Arrowhead [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Tellus – Cardel English Rose [Locked Concept]
Jolliffe – Movie Scene (feat. Pastry Maker) [Soulvent]
Intervore – Frameshift [Conflate Audio]
Necrotype – Substellar Companion [Omni Music]
Malux – Medicate [Methlab]
Hazqa – Lost Cause [Bay 6]
OaT – Rest [Drum Army]
Smote – Stars Of Creed [Celsius]
Relapse – Accursed [Amen-tal / Burden Imprint]
Quantum Mechanix – Dirty Tricks (Kalm Remix) [Nurtured Beatz]
Dynamics & Confusious – Calling Me Close [Protocode]
CRSV & TS – The Cycle [Subplate]
Burr Oak – Time Has Come [Trendkill]
Henry & Fullalove – Wherever You Are [Glitch Audio]
Champion Sound – Vershun Excurshun [Through These Eyes]
DJ Zent – Chroma Mist [Dub]
Oliver Yorke – U No [None60]

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