DNB Dojo Podcast #34 – Aug 2019

Hex is back with the monthly podcast selection, rolling out a host of fresh cuts from the likes of Askel & Elere, Black Barrel, Phentix, Revan, Modu and many more…’nuff said.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Askel & Elere – Until She Turns Her Back [Soulvent]
Wreckless – Welcome to the Real World [Addictive Behaviour]
Kyrist & Philth – Empyrean [Dispatch]
Sam Binga & Redders – Vandilero (Particle Remix) [Critical]
Mahakala – Tomahawk [Mahakala]
BorkerBrothers – Hanzom (Klinical Remix) [Hanzom Music]
Trex & Hijak – Self Medicate [Mac 2 Recordings]
Lakeway – Aches & Pains [Med School]
Black Barrel – Elevate With Me (feat. KSR) [Metalheadz]
Insomniax – How Does It Feel [Viper]
Origin & Calculon – Drk [Shoot]
Dilemma – Lure [Flight Pattern]
Deviant – Bring Your Love [The Chikara Project]
Xanadu – Helicon [Dom & Roland]
No_Name – Death Metal [Conspired Within]
Metro & Jason oS – 88 Pacific [Ortem]
The Gasherbrum Project – Align (Sepoys DnB Reshape) [Antariksh Dub]
Dave Owen – Pensive [Soul Trader]
Spinnet – Normal Curve [Ortem]
Wingz – Shattered Perception (Phentix Remix) [Overview]
MAE917 – Section 9 [Dub]
Soul Intent – Sun Blade [Lossless]
Total Science & War – What Now? [CIA]
Survey – Plastic Velvet (Amoss Remix) [Flexout]
Flare – Arguments (Indidjinous Remix) [AGN7 Audio]
Ruffie – Solution [Onset Audio]
Changer – Lola [Riddim Records]
Ad Loud – Quasar [Unbeatable Music
Halflight – Call Back [Viper]
Distrikt – Third Kind [Dispatch LTD]
Need For Mirrors – Surf [Commercial Suicide]
Vici – Scatta [Hyperactivity Music]
Detoxic – Underworld [DLT9]
Kung – Downhill (feat. Hijak) [Flexout]
Modu – Lost in Alaska [Lost]
Revan – Trip Tones [Lockdown]
Break Violence Syndicate – 4 The Cyborgs (Travesty Remix) [Tytanium Armour]
Quantum Mechanix – Let The Drums Take You [Nurtured Beatz]
Fhatt – Ower [Suspect Device]
Deeper South – Life 2 U [RSTLSSNSS]
T:Base – Is It True [Fokuz]
Teknian & ZeroZero – Square Rhythm 2016 [ZeroZero]
Monika – Taho [None60]
DJ Trax & Infest – State of Consciousness [Omni Music]
Dimensional Dryft – The Expansion [Onset Audio]
Lynch Kingsley – Astral Pulse [Foxy Jangle]
ArpXP & Visionobi – Somewhere Else [Sun & Bass]
Samurai Breaks – Pump Up The Volume [The Dreamers]
Onism Qi – ’96 Dreamer [Translation]
Usurp – Ravenholm [Usurp]
Client_03 – Hope Repeater [Astrophonica]

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