DNB Dojo Podcast #35 – Sep 2019

Autumn rolls in, so time to hunker down with a blanket and episode 35 of the Dojocast! Hex brings the full spectrum selections once again with new beats from Audio, Bladerunner, Wreckless, Askel, Logistics, Survey and many more, plus dubs from Qube, Boredome and GY96. Check it out…

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Esym – Icarus [Krytika Productions]
Bladerunner – Bassline Terror [Hi Resolution]
Yung-E – Metal Gear [Nurtured Beatz]
Bassdubbers – Funk’d [Soul Lab]
Qube – The World on Fire [Dub]
Jaise – Swamped [Subplate]
3RDKND – Demons [Forbidden Society]
Karma Kingdom & Echo Motion – Against Time [Detached Audio]
Ewol & Skylark – Agur [Dispatch]
Askel – Saboteur [None60]
InTaKe – A Love Like This (Instrumental) [Default]
Fragz & LaMeduza – Call for Change [AXON]
Audio – Glass House [Snake Pit]
Deficit – Eternum (Wreckless Remix) [AutomAte]
Hybris – Big Wig [Psuedoscience]
Dustkey – Central Station Player [Differential]
KarmasynK – Disturbed Motion [Delta9]
W2W.b – Bunker [Subplate]
OaT – Close Management [T3K]
Structured – Hard Line [Engage Audio]
Keenan Mathias – The Breach (feat. Sejo) [Saturate]
KOAN Sound – Radiant [Shoshin Records]
Man From Sol – Fracture Vectors (Blockdata Remix) [Abstrakt Reflections]
Cecil Hotel – Death on The Trails [Flexout]
Rollyax – All For You [Beat Spectrum]
Dead End – Chopper Blades [Saturate]
iBenji – Model 315 [Othercide]
Severity – Hyperghetto [Unchained]
Werkflow – Inertia (Imran Graffiti Remix) [Inner City Dance]
Rinino – Loverdose [The Dreamers]
Maykors – Owl [Celsius]
Battery – Range Of View [Horizons]
Alexvnder – Holding You [Glitch Audio]
Boredome – Shade Party [Dub]
Molecular – Triangle Dub [Counterpoint]
DLX – Sumtin Like This [Free Love Digi]
Fishy – For You [Influenza Media]
Henry – Dont Let Me Go [DNBB Digital]
Talkre – Tannhauser Gate [Dispatch]
Paradigitz – Deadringer [You So Fat]
Bop – Skeptikos [Kos Mos Music]
Critical Event, Askel & Monika – Purple Skies [Fokuz]
Logics – Shield (RMS Remix) [Delta9]
Incorporate – Things About To Happen [Inception Audio]
Distant Future & Lowriderz – Jungel [Grid]
Logistics – Waveforms [Hospital]
Survey – Far Gone [Dispatch]
Nami & Rizzle – Give You [Overview]
Alix Perez – Trinity [1985 Music]
Monika – Rocket Sprocket [Soulvent]
Hathor & Sotus – Lurker [Exkursions]
Ded Sheppard – Run Baby Run [Onset Audio]
Fre4knc & Klinical – The Shaman [Flexout]
Drop Frame – Persia (Monika Remix) [Shadowhearts]
Joakuim – South West Road [Fokuz]
Revaux – Sacred [Vandal]
Matt View, Marvel Cinema & T:Base – See Beyond [Celsius]
Untrue – Dead Space [Fokuz]
Lao Wai & LaMeduza – Tie Me Up (SCAR Remix) [Addictive Behaviour]
R1C0 – Sanctuary [Warm Ears]
Root For The Villain & Dave Owen – That New [Onset Audio]
Infest – Little Spinner [Next Phase]
GY96 – Bargain Booze Run [Dub]

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