Guest Mix: Jaise

Our latest exclusive guest mix comes from Australian producer Jaise! With releases on Subplate and Protocode and a huge love for vintage techstep and neurofunk, Jaise’s mix takes in selections from the likes of Enei, HLZ and Ulterior Motive alongside unreleased music from himself and Seattle’s D-Struct. Strap yourself in for a dark and rolling journey…

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Skylark feat. LaMeduza – The Chase [Overview Music]
Detoxic – The Abyss [Subplate Recordings]
Talkre – Sentry [Overview Music]
D-Struct – ID [Dub]
D-Struct & Jaise – ID [Dub]
Ill Truth – Signing Out [Sofa Sound]
Ed:It – Empty Eyes [Shogun Audio]
Forum – Maverick [Vandal Records]
HLZ – Eternal [Metalheadz]
SubMarine – No Sleep [1985 Music]
Ed:It – Endings [Shogun Audio]
D-Struct feat. Jaise – ID [Dub]
D-Struct – ID [Dub]
D-Struct – Transfer [AGN7 Audio]
Ulterior Motive – Trip Hammer [Guidance]
HLZ – Ultradogs [Metalheadz]
Krypta – Voodoo [Dub]
Talkre – Into Darkness [Overview Music]
Dead Zodiac & Jaise – Breathless [Protocode]
Enei – Ghost Boat [Critical Music]
Ordure – Chroniker [Flexout Audio]
Ill Truth – The Syndicate [Sofa Sound]
Enei – Dark Move [Critical Music]
Invadhertz – Computers Are Learning (Ill Truth Remix) [Flexout Audio]
Demented – No Way Out [Subplate Recordings]

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