Guest Mix: Captivate & Stranjah

Deviant Audio are in the house for our latest guest mix, celebrating their newest Deviations release with a back to back mix from Captivate & Stranjah. Taking in most of the LP’s material alongside other Deviant cuts and new bits from Critical, Viper and Samsara Beats, this one bangs hard!

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Metafloor – Nobody Chat [Deviant]
Lecoughski – Sleep [Deviant]
Groves – Easy Slugger [Deviant]
Captivate – Rift [Deviant]
Clothcutter – Unbroken [Deviant]
Sigrah – POWA
Provoke – Run It [Deviant]
Captivate, Stranjah – Coastal [Deviant]
Vortex – Nights [Deviant]
Johney – Eel Money [Deviant]
Captivate, Stranjah & Levrige – Slackline [Deviant]
Levrige – Reload [Deviant]
Captivate – Discipline [Deviant]
BK – Sleep Cell [Samsara Beats]
HP.Ritch x Kid Kun – Saw Her [Deviant]
OAKK – Ellipsis
Sam Binga, Paul Wall – All Cap (Lordel Remix) [Critical]
Bell Curve – Beep Boove [Deviant]
David Louis, Stranjah – Rosewood [Deviant]
Jomari – Open Air [Deviant]
Doctor Jeep – Natural Selection VIP [Deviant]
Stranjah feat. MC Fox – INYA [Worst Behavior]
Stranjah feat. Shaydee – Technodub VIP [Deviant]
Tyr Kohout, Stranjah – Cherenkov [Deviant]
Ghostly Park – Urban Dub (DJ108 Remix)
David Louis – Untitled
DJ Empress – Future [Viper]
Hive – Neo (Citizen Wayne Remix)
Tyr Kohout feat. Anastasia – Schema (Stranjah Remix) [Deviant]

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