DNB Dojo Podcast #43 – May 2020

Hex returns with 90 minutes of fresh D&B as summer begins to peak its head around the corner. New beats inside from Kings of the Rollers, Henry, Mahakala, Kutlo, gyrofield, Konstructor and Ricky Force, plus many more – crossing all the styles of D&B as always.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Dillinja – Hard Noize (Break Remix) [Valve]
Maztek – Arps And Stuff [0101 Music]
Halogenix – Dragonforce [Critical]
Trex – Rush Hour [Dispatch LTD]
Sub:liminal – Space & Time [Fokuz]
Kings Of The Rollers – Solar Heat [Hospital]
Ben Verse & Trex – Old Days [Crunch]
Rozfresh – Explain [Calibrate]
Xenon – Suppressed Feelings [DSCI4]
Henry – Drifting Away [DNBB Digital]
Heymac – Ode To What Was [Bay 6]
Ray Keith – Renegade (T>I Minimal VIP) [Dread Recordings]
Facing Jinx, Loz Contreras & Collette Warren – Find Your Way [Beats In Mind]
Calibre – Sweet Sound [Marcus Intalex Foundation]
CRSV & TS – Huntress [Locked Up Music]
Changer – Think About It [Context Audio]
Mahakala – Tomahawk VIP [Mahakala]
Psychical Research – Drama [Celsius]
Sili & Colour Of Rice – You And Me [Differential]
Adred & Jamal – Snitches [Commercial Suicide]
Kutlo – Harpoon [Delta9]
Donny & Katharsys – The Question [Barcode]
Pacific – Check Me Out [Nightfall]
Geety – In Love Before (Halftime VIP) [Nu Venture]
Kloro4m – Steppah [Lost]
Primal Tribes – Serenity / Junkie Limbo [Onset Audio]
TeeBee – Blue Rose (Chrisp & TeeBee’s Lynch’ed RMX) [Subtitles]
Itti – One Of Forms (Paracusia Remix) [Ronin Ordinance]
The Faraday & Grim Hellhound – Artificial Channel [Conspired Within]
Asymmetric – Glitches [Dissymmetrical]
Boredome – Without You [Dub]
Dissident – Eclipse Corridor (feat. Ruth Corey) [Inperspective]
DreamSkape & Ill Truth – Underdog [Lockdown]
Thing – Untitled Roller [Sixteen Step]
Rainforest – Once [Omni Music]
ALB – By My Side [RAM]
gyrofield – Tech Flex [Overview Music]
Terror Cell & Layer 3 – Embryo [Tech Itch]
Skeletone – Little Things Like That [Skeletone]
Easy & Geeks – Shoreless [Goldfat]
Acid Lab – Distant Space [Omni Music]
Kemal – Plan B [Kemal & Rob Data]
J Plates – Witness [In Reach]
Nomad – Staring At The Wall [Fuck About]
Klinical – CONTROL [Flexout]
The Caracal Project – All Our Duty [DIVIDID]
Rohaan & Tek Genesis – People of Eve [Mad Zoo]
Detect Theory – Seclusion [Influenza]
Constrict – Refreshers [Sweetbox]
Askel – Sumu [Mystery City]
Konstructor – Raiden Why [Therapy Sessions]
Habit – The Bug [Modular Carnage]
Subp Yao – C’mon [Unchained]
Deep Stealth – No Man Needs Nothing [Omni Music]
Mr Shiriki – Ghetto Jah [The Dreamers]
Insomniax x Miss Trouble – Elements [Viper]
Senpai – Hypersleep [Warm Communications]
Whytwo – Armour [Hospital]
Modul8 – Acceler8ed [Through These Eyes]
Conrad Subs – Blanka [Deep Pan]
Arcs – Cluster Box [Dub]
Ricky Force – Whats Up [Mac 2]
Fracture & Sam Binga – On Right Now [Astophonica]
Angus Green – Come Get It [Plasma Audio]
Fearful & Mtwn – Part 2 [Diffrent]

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