DNB Dojo Podcast #44 – Jun 2020

Hex returns to the Dojo decks with 75 minutes of brand new music, including tracks from Imanu, Fixate, DLR & Script, Mage, Lynch Kingsley and many more. There are also dubs inside from The Faraday and Layton, plus two of Hex’s own new releases.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Imanu – Bloom [Vision]
Minor Rain – Humanoid [Bad Taste]
Reflektor – Feel Good Baby [FutureVibes]
Demented – Catacombs [Subplate]
The Faraday – Hidden Threat [Dub]
RTR – Reward (Om Unit Remix) [Analogical Force]
Arcatype – Mind Loop [CIA]
D’TCH & Samurai Breaks – NRG [The Dreamers]
Axon – Bait08 [Demand]
Fixate – Close Call [Exit]
Constrict – Excess [Incidental Sonics]
Joshua & Geety – Sun Shining [Celsius]
Soul:Motion – Only These Things [Fokuz]
J Plates – Strength To Strength (2020 Remastered) [J Plates]
Johnathan Thomas & HammerZz – A Murder [Onset Audio]
Deft – Scalp [1985]
KOAN Sound – Silk Wave [Shoshin]
Dissident & Cyberworm – Tusk (Dharma Kaya’s Forgot My Name Remix) [Kos.Mos.Music]
Pxlhz – Push Pull [Samsara Beats]
Mystic State & Congi – Closer [The Chikara Project]
Eschaton – Ursa Major (VIP) [Omni Music]
Chamba & Digital Native – Irreversible [Collab Roulette Dub]
Mage – Clear Sky [Celsius]
Hex & Arkah – Nitelite [Bay 6]
Calibre – When Sunday Goes [Signature]
MVRK & Screamarts – Infinite Funk [Delta9]
BSA – Damaged Skies [Lost Together]
AR8 – Chaotic Movements [Universe Axiom]
DLR & Script – Perception (feat. Fokus) [Sofa Sound]
Henry & Echo Motion – Headspace [Glitch Audio]
Hex – Rewind [Detached Audio]
Layton – The Puppet Master [Dub]
Akov – Losing Time [Eatbrain]
GROUND – Regain [Flexout]
Being – More or Less [Fuck About
Art1fact – Betrayal [Hanzom Music]
Brain Crisis – Gloukos [High Resistance]
Hugh Hardie – Day 2: Loose Leaf [Hospital]
Monika – Storm [Monika Music]
Antagonist – Gate 9 [Ronin Ordinance]
Exsitu & Hickupz – Inertia [Subplate]
Twintone – The Debonair [Smooth N Groove]
Zar & Physics – Only One [Influenza Media]
Whychek – Blade [Rebel Music]
Synergy & Buunshin – Blue Veil [Vision]
Sikka & Dcision – Heavy Tune [Inner City Dance]
Kit Curse & Akinsa – Broken Dreams [Onset Audio]
Lynch Kingsley – The Blind Ronin [Inperspective Records]
Photek – The Rain (Photek Remix) (2020 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
ASC – Moment Of Truth [Samurai]

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